Weekly TKD Lesson

“Show me someone who has done something worthwhile, and I’ll show
you someone who has overcome adversity.”
— Lou Holtz

Success in life depends upon being strong people with clear goals
and indomitable spirits. Unfortunately most of us aren’t born that

We grow that way.

And that growth can either come from us entering willfully into
situations that will cause us to grow, like reading my e-mail posts
everyweek, or from the way we react when circumstances come upon us
without our consent.

The latter is what we call adversity.

Most of us spend our lives trying to avoid adversity, and I guess
that is just as well. We shouldn’t pursue adversity, but when she
arrives, we should welcome her as a foe who, through our
interaction with her, will make us into better people.

Every contact we have with adversity gives us again the opportunity
to grow personally and professionally and to forge our character
into one that will achieve much later on.

With that in mind, here are some thoughts on adversity, and how it
can help you to succeed in every area of your life and achieve your

Adversity brings out our resources.

Horace said, “Adversity reveals genius, prosperity conceals it.”
When everything is going well, we coast. There isn’t a lot of
stress, and we don’t have to draw too much on the resources that
reside within us. But when adversity comes we begin to draw upon
each and every resource that we have in order to conquer the
circumstances at hand. Adversity then, keeps us sharp. It keeps us
using our personal muscle, if you will. That is a good thing
because we grow through the use of our resources.

Adversity brings us together with others. Sure a team can have
their problems with each other, but when they step on the court,
when they experience the adversity of facing another obstacle, they
pull together.

One for all and all for one, as they say. The next time you
experience adversity of some kind, keep your eyes open for how it
can bring you together with your family, your co-workers or your
team. Then when you are through it, you will find a bond that was
created that wasn’t there before.

Adversity makes us better people with stronger characters. Never
underestimate the power of adversity to shape us inwardly. How will
courage, discipline and perseverance ever flourish if we are never

After adversity, we come out stronger people and able then to use
our character and influence in an even greater way to lead those
around us and to improve their lives as well as our own.

Adversity makes life interesting.

John Amatt said, “Without adversity, without change, life is

How true.

Have you noticed that while we are in the middle of adversity we
only long to get out of it, but we then spend a lifetime recounting
it to anyone who will listen? This is because it spices life up a
little. Imagine how boring life would be if everything always went
well, when there was never a mountain to be climbed.

Question – If you are in the middle of some adversity right now,
what resources are you drawing on? Who are you drawing closer to
and working with? What part of your character is being tested, and
built up? What can you do to view this adversity as one who will be
better for it on the other side?

Remember the words of Napoleon Hill – “Every adversity, every
failure, every heartache carries with it the seed of an equal or
greater benefit.”

Believe it, it is true!


Weekly TKD Lesson

Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.
 –George Bernard Shaw, 1856-1950, Irish Playwright and Literary
Okay, a show of hands, please!

How many of you learned to ride a bicycle as a child?

Hey, that’s quite a lot of you.

Now, close your eyes and remember what it felt like to ride a
bicycle for the first time. Maybe yours had training wheels that
helped to balance the bike as you gained confidence riding on the
sidewalk in front of your house.

As your confidence expanded, and also from observing the older
children in the neighborhood riding without any assistance, you
then graduated to your first test without training wheels.

It was scary!

At the beginning came the wobbling of the tires and excited,
hurried pedaling as you struggled to break free of your parent’s or
older sibling’s guiding hand for balance. And, perhaps there were
one or two falls along the way!

However, through your determination, willpower, desire, and
continued practice, you soon sped forward on your own.

As you grew in size and age, you moved up to bigger and more
complex bicycles and mastered them all. Some of you even learned to
ride without holding onto the handlebars or perhaps did “daredevil”
tricks jumping over ramps like Evel Knievel.

And, I’ll bet now that even if you haven’t ridden a bicycle in
years, you could still do it.

Now, let’s take a look at success.

For many people, success or being successful is just as scary as
the first time they rode a bicycle. Naturally, many people want to
be successful. However, there are few that truly have the
motivation to put forward the needed effort and action and make the
necessary sacrifices to get what they want.

Here are four of my success strategies. Make them part of your
“quest for success.”

1) Just as you did when you learned to ride a bicycle, here is only
one way to accomplish anything today — set your mind to
concentrate on doing it and let nothing interfere with your
progress. Obstacles, whether they be training wheels on a bike or
lack of resources (money, time, lack of skill, etc.), are quickly
overcome by the person who sets out to accomplish their heart’s
desire. Those who have the desire, “the fire in the belly” so to
speak, will outdistance and outperform those who do not.

2) No matter what anyone says, “Size does matter.” When you first
learned to ride a bike, you were a child. As you grew to adulthood,
of course, you were faced with greater and more challenging
situations. On your road to success, remember this quote, “The
‘bigger’ you are, the smaller the obstacle appears. The ‘smaller’
you are, the greater the obstacle appears.”

Always look at the advantage you gain by overcoming obstacles, and
it will give you the needed “size” and courage for the conquest —
now and in the future.

3) Do not expect that you will always have a smooth road, free of
potholes, speed bumps, and detours. Parts of your journey are
likely to be rough. The way you navigate the bad roads shows
exactly what you are made of. Keep on with your journey and view
with delight the smooth roads that are in front of you.

4) Do not let a setback stop you. Just like when you skinned your
knees and elbows learning to ride, think of it as a mere incident
that has to be overcome before you can reach your goal. Learn from
it and use the lesson to move ahead.

Success IS like riding a bicycle. Learn the strategies of success
outlined above, and you will ALWAYS be up to the challenge —
regardless of the size.

Keith A. Shaw

Keith A. Shaw is the President of Mind Body Spirit Central.com – A Motivation, Success, Health And Wellness Company.

Copyright 2007 by Keith A. Shaw and Mind Body Spirit Central.com, LLC. All rights reserved.

Weekly Taekwondo Lesson

“I am happy and content because I think I am.”

                   — Alain-Rene Lesage

It was more than twenty years ago that I first heard Zig Ziglar
give the advice that if you were bored or if you were just
sitting watching TV or some other equally life-wasting activity,
instead of doodling on a piece of paper, write a phrase like:

* I can get straight A’s
* I can make that recipe just like in the book
* I can win the Olympic gold medal
* I can write my book
* I can strike out Ichiro
* I can get down to XYZ pounds
* I can make a million dollars
* I can get her to like me
* I can do anything I can dream…

I can, over and over is one of the primary patterns required to
program your mind to learn and know how incredibly capable you

When you feel frustrated, bored, depressed or afraid, you don’t
need a pill or a drink to unwind or to work up your courage.
You only need to regularly connect with your true abilities…
you need to think of them… you need to be reminded of them
constantly, which you can do effortlessly… you need to
mentally see mental movies of yourself taking care of everything
that needs to be done.

You need to see yourself as having already done what you need
and want to do.

This needs to happen automatically.

It does for the most accomplished people.

And don’t you want to continue to find ways to elevate your
status in life and in your own eyes?

You better be saying yes.

So listen to your inner chatter today… or how about for the
next hour.

Are you telling yourself you can’t?  Calling yourself bad
names?  Or other people?  Feel like giving up, escaping?  Are
you telling yourself there is nothing you can do about ____?

If so, then you are most definitely not about to find great
answers or create any great success.

I can, I can, I can.

All day today.  All day tomorrow.


People who poo poo this are the ones who are growing roots in
front of the teevee or in front of their monitor or who spend
all their “free” time down at the bar or other places to forget
about life for awhile.

I can, I can, I can.

Imagine a dream, want, desire… I can, I can, I can.

And in days, or weeks or maybe months you’ll begin to get it.
And if it takes months or even years, so what.  Life is a
process.  And it’s wise to invest time doing what you must so
you can get to do what you want.

Tis better to arrive late than to never make it at all.

Weekly Taekwondo Lesson

Do you want to know who you are? Don’t ask. Act! Action will
delineate and define you.

 – Thomas Jefferson, 1743-1826, 3rd President of the United

By Webster’s Dictionary definition, a catalyst is something that
provokes significant action. That’s what I do — I provoke my
students to think and act differently in their lives for greater

After all, we have to do different to get different.

It is my intention that you find something thought-provoking enough
to do something different in your own life.

Connection happens on two levels. First is connection with the self
in an essential sense of center that’s unshakable by external
events. The second is connection with others for community.

When creativity is open, it’s exciting to explore the unseen —
what’s around your next corner. By being curious, receptive, and
initiating questions or actions, you can play with infinite

By reducing the “noise” in your head, your being, thinking, and
doing become crystallized. Decisions are easier, right action is
smoother, communications and relationships are cleaner — and your
calendar becomes focused.

Life is full of considerations, some of which are necessary.
However, it is important to recognize which are real. It is
important to not tolerate the unnecessary. Compromise only when
it’s meaningful.

There are times when situations require us to confront things that
make us uncomfortable or even afraid. Until we pass through it, we
do not learn our lessons. Having the courage to face it gives us
the ability to move forward.

When you are comfortable in who you are, you naturally make choices
that support your knowingness and demonstrate trust in who/where
you are. It’s a powerful magnet to attracting more of what you want.

It is in giving that we grow, by sharing what we have that we
increase our own capacities. Giving back where we can creates good

Building by partnership/teamwork creates a synergy that otherwise
wouldn’t exist. When two or more people are gathered in focus,
great things are created and achieved.

Honoring what has happened in celebration feels good. It is a
timeless ritual to acknowledge hard work and mark a milestone or an
ending. Without celebration, we may not know that we are moving
into a new beginning.

Circle Back
Review the lessons learned to see if you’ve missed anything, or if
you can use something previously discarded in a new way. Circling
back allows you to express appreciation for both the people who
have been touched by your learning journey and your progress.

Through compassion for others, we acknowledge our oneness. While we
are all at different places on our respective journeys, the
destination is the same.

As long as you are in alignment with your higher self, believing in
what you know to be true for you is the backbone to good decisions,
personal leadership, accountability, and good health.

Speak your truth clearly, concisely, and honestly. You can avoid
about 80% of problems with other people by having good
communication skills. You can resolve 100% of your personal
challenges by being honest with yourself.

Control means doing what you can and releasing whatever you just
did; it has to go do/be whatever you have given it life to do.
Control is a superficial illusion, attempting to force situations,
people, or things to fit — it’s like trying to push a river. Being
in flow means recognizing that there is no control.

Common Sense
Maybe this should be “un”-common sense… common sense comes from
everyday living. If something makes sense to you, do it. However,
just because somebody else does it a certain way doesn’t mean that
it makes the best sense for you.

If any one of these resonated with you on some level, that’s an
indicator of where you can start in doing something different. If
more than one hit a nerve, start with the first one.

You will notice that people and situations around you will change
— be alert. Watch for synchronicities and pay attention to how you
feel — that’s the best measure of your success in being different

Have a great week!