Weekly TKD Lesson

Champions Practice Modesty!

True Champions tend to display a very modest and respectful
attitude…in and out of the dojang.

Being a confident and capable Black Belt Champion, in some ways is
likened to practicing with a double-edged sword.

One side of the sword is the strengthening and building of your
self esteem and overall self confidence. Always seeking to expand
and improve your skills, while conditioning yourself to become an
even higher caliber Black Belt Champion.

The other side of the sword is maintaining a humble, respectful and
modest attitude and controlling your own ego. Constantly striving
to maintain a balance that avoids becoming

over confident and overly proud of yourself and your achievements.

Champions understand that there is a difference between being
confident in yourself, and becoming cocky, arrogant and an ego
driven maniac.

One can help while the other can do great harm.

You must always take pride in yourself and strive to become the
best you can be, at the same time, you must avoid becoming a
self-centered braggard.

When paid a compliment, Champions always accept it in a respectful
manner and then they say “Thank You!” with sincere gratitude and
humble appreciation.

When you have great skills, combined with a great attitude and a
strong character, you will be much more likeable and respectable.
People will follow your lead when you are able to develop the
proper balance of a Champions Attitude…Behavior and Character.

As a highly skilled BLACK BELT CHAMPION, you should always
practice humility

and demonstrate your MODESTY!



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