Weekly TKD Lesson

“Some people have greatness thrust upon them. Few have excellence
thrust upon them – they achieve it. They do not achieve it
unwittingly by doing what comes naturally and they don’t stumble
into it in the course of amusing themselves. All excellence
involves discipline and tenacity of purpose.'”

      John William Gardner 1912-2002, Psychologist


One of the keys to success is staying motivated because it is being
motivated that keeps us going out the door every day to change the
world and reach our destiny! It is our desire for a better life,
for change in ourselves and others, and for personal growth and
fulfillment that moves our mountains!


Desire sure is a word with much more richness to it than the word
“want” though they are essentially the same. “Want,” though, sounds
like you could take it or leave it. “Desire” says, “I have to have
it!” Desire, is “want” with a fire under it!

Unfortunately, we tend to ebb and flow from want to desire, even
with the same goal! One day we may be passionate about building our
business or growing our relationships and then, the next day, we
find ourselves simply in the “want” camp again.

The key to keeping on is to re-light the fire under want so it
roars into a raging fire of desire! Then, and only then, will we
see the passion needed to be tenacious pursuers of our dreams!

Keeping the fire lit is what will see you through the mountains and
valleys of life and the journey you are on to your success!

So what do we do? We light the fire! Here are a few thoughts to
help you build the fire of your desire!

The wood:
Keep a clear mental picture of the goal. This is imperative. The
picture of the goal is like the wood in a fire. It is the raw
material. Know what your goal is and what it looks like.

The fuel:
Keep a list, if simply just a mental one, of all of the benefits of
pursuing and reaching your goal. Make them as “sense” oriented as
possible. “See” the benefits. “Hear” them. “Touch” them. This is
like the fuel that we add to a fire to get it going. Now all we
need is a match.

The match:
Keep yourself active! This is the match: Action! Even when you
don’t feel like it, get yourself to act and soon you will see the
fire burning because you have again ignited the dream! The more
desire you have the more the fire burns.

Eventually the fire will begin to die out. Here is where you throw
the wood on again, pour on some fuel, and if need be, strike
another match. I would encourage you to not let the fire go out
though, because it is easier to continually throw wood and fuel on
an already burning fire than it is to start one up again!
“A posse ad esse”

To Your Success


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