Weekly TKD Lesson

“Practice is the best of all instructors.”

                   – Publilius Syrus, 85-43 B.C., Roman Writer
Did you know that researchers can predict what your energy will be
like in the afternoon and evening by knowing your habits in the

This is because how you start the day is so powerful in determining
the kind of day you are going to have. Just think about your start
to the day.

Do you wake up tired or refreshed?

Do you get enough sleep?

Do you feel stressed, scattered and negative, or calm, focused and

Do you eat protein and fiber for breakfast, or do you consider a
Tim Horton’s donut the breakfast of champions?

I hear it all the time. People are overstressed, overtired and
overworked. They are desperately searching for energy. That’s why
Starbucks did over $5 billion in sales last year.

Well, if you’ve been reading my newsletters, you know I believe
there is a better way. Energy drinks are like the energy mafia. Too
much coffee takes you on an energy roller coaster ride that isn’t
any fun. Stimulants, pills, energy gels and high sugar food only
provide a quick fix. There is a better way, The power and energy to
improve your life starts with your morning habits.

Action Steps:

1. Don’t hit the dreaded snooze button. Give yourself time to
engage in an energizing morning. Instead of stressing all morning,
you’ll have time to fuel up with energizing habits.

2. Eat a breakfast (Mom’s been telling us this for years) high in
protein and fiber. Eggs are great. Fruit and oatmeal are wonderful.
Even whole grain toast with almond butter will kick-start your
metabolism and sustain your energy.

3. Practice gratitude. When you are thankful you can’t be stressed.

4. Do 10-15 minutes of walking, jumping rope, yoga, etc. each
morning. It doesn’t sound like much but it will make a huge
5. Take energizing breaths throughout the morning. Inhale for 3-4
seconds and exhale for 3-4 seconds.

6. Drink a cup of water when you first wake up to replenish the
water you lost throughout the night. With each sleeping breath, you
lose water.

7. Go to bed earlier and get more sleep. How you start the day
actually starts at bedtime. Everything and I mean everything in your life
improves when you get more sleep.

Weekly TKD Lesson

“There are only two options regarding commitment; you’re either in or you’re out. There’s no such thing as life in-between.”
                                          — Pat Riley
I have found an interesting bent in people. They want to believe
that they are fully in, and they believe that one must be fully in
and committed, but they live most of their lives out and not fully

This is fine, I guess, if a person wants to do that, but where
problems are presented is the emotional distress that comes from
wanting to be fully committed but living in a way that isn’t
congruent with that desire!

That makes us frustrated!

We can do ourselves a great favor, simply by getting fully in or
fully out!

Action Item:
Pick a few areas of your life where you want to achieve in and do
great things. Are you fully committed? Does your life and actions
reflect your desire to be fully committed? If not, take action
today to show that you are fully committed to your cause. Get fully

Weekly TKD Lesson

“Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you
                                       –Ben Franklin

We are by nature creatures of habit, not creatures of motivation,

Most of us try to find ways to stay motivated when a more powerful
strategy is to find ways to develop habits!

Motivation comes and goes and can be difficult even when we are
looking for it, but habits are right there, ingrained in our minds
and actions, carrying themselves out without our conscious effort
even involved. So this is how we can achieve all that we want t
develop those actions into habits!

Action Point:

Pick the area of your life that you want to change for good. Now
put the action into your schedule every day for the next 21 days.
Make it at the same time every day. In fact, if you can, connect it
with another habit that you have each day. This will force it to
become a habit right alongside the other. After doing this for
three weeks, every day, you will find yourself naturally doing it
from then on. Then you won’t need motivation – you’ll have a habit
that will carry you through!