Weekly TKD Lesson

Peaks – Valleys – Plateaus!

For most people involved in the Martial Arts, it becomes an active
and healthy lifestyle, and a powerful personal self development

Many of us like to train hard year round, and push ourselves to
higher levels of skill, conditioning and achievement, in and out of
the dojo.

It’s part of being a successful achiever.

We will all have times that we are at a peak …mentally, physically
and emotionally.

Especially after we achieve a big goal, like a rank promotion. Or,
when we are just feeling really great and making strong gains in
our progress. Everyone would like to be able to be
at this peak level all the time.

However, for most people, there will be some occasional bumps in
the road.

Challenges and obstacles that knock us off track.

There may even be times that it even feels like you are sliding

These are known as the Peaks, Valleys & Plateaus of training

Injuries, distractions or other setbacks may occur that will create
temporary stalls in your
in progress. The sooner you understand this process, the faster you
will get back into a positive, progressive direction. Mentally,
physically and emotionally.

Plateaus can also be used as a short term, temporary resting spot.

It may be a maintenance training period or even a planned and well
deserved recharge.

Peaks – Valleys – Plateaus….

These are natural processes that everyone experiences.

The goal is to create as many peak cycle periods as possible and
plan out your rest and maintenance periods.  Good habits, a
positive mindset and proper planning will allow you to minimize the
setbacks that can cause the valleys of despair and discouragement.

Maximize the Peaks – Minimize the Valleys!

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