“Are your Children Too Loud in Public?”

Here’s a great article from Dr. Robyn’s blog “You’re Bothering Other People – 10 ways to teach children how to act in public”

Here’s the link to the article: http://tinyurl.com/4m3j4h


Weekly TKD Lesson

“Plan your progress carefully; hour-by hour, day-by-day,
month-by-month. Organized activity and maintained enthusiasm are
the wellsprings of your power.

                                           — Paul J. Meyer
Inch by Inch is a Cinch…Yard by Yard is Always Hard!
Progress in the Martial Arts is a step by step process. Always has
been, always will be.
If you always strive to make positive progress and move forward one
step at a time, you’ll always experience growth and advance in your journey as a
Black Belt Champion.
Some people try to make things happen too fast and they expect too
much from themselves too soon. Then, they become frustrated and
give up on their goals.
This happens in their Martial Arts and other areas of life as well.
Inch by Inch is a Cinch…is a reminder that positive and steady
progress happens one step at a time. If you keep putting one foot in front of the other,
sooner or later, you’ll walk a thousand miles.
Yard by Yard is Always Hard…reminds us that if you jump too high
too soon, you may be setting yourself up for a hard and fast fall down.
Olympic Gold Medal High Jumpers makes progress in inches and not in
yards. Little by little, inch by inch, they raise the bar, making gradual and
steady gains until they begin to break records. Their own and then
Martial Arts training is very similar to an Olympic High Jumper,
progress is subtle, gradual and steady. If you keep this in mind,
you’ll find your training even more enjoyable and your Black Belt
Spirit will stay stronger and last longer.
Think progress…not perfection. Always seek improvement in yourself
and train to for positive gain and steady progress. Understand and
enjoy the process.
Whether you are seeking improvements in your fitness, your skill or
your confidence, take your time and stick to it until you do it.
If you want to lose weight, think one pound at a time.
If you want to stretch farther, think inch by inch is a cinch.
Most important…Stick to it…Until you do it!

Weekly TKD Lesson

“The purpose of man is in action not thought.”
— Thomas Carlyle

Are you immobilized by procrastination and indecision?

We all know that it is impossible to steer a car that’s not moving,
and the same is true with your life. You simply cannot direct and
steer your life if you are immobilized by procrastination and

It is what prevents you from doing the very things you need to do
to make progress.

This debilitating behavior, or shall I say lack of behavior, is
responsible for destroying so many dreams and aspirations. Action
is the proper fruit of knowledge, and doing what you ‘know’ is
often much harder than knowing ‘what’ to do.

This is actually a very accurate description of procrastination.

It is the frustrating pattern of wanting to (consciously), knowing
how to, but not doing it.

It is the lack of action that keeps you from moving forward and
making progress. Frustration sets in when you know you can do
something, but still you don’t, and this frustration can easily
turn into anger, a loss of self- confidence, and even depression.

If you are the kind of person who’s actively improving and
developing yourself, then there’s usually a gap between where you
are and where you want to be.

The only way to close this gap is to take action, to act on your
desire for change and self-improvement. For this very reason, you
simply cannot afford to be stuck in procrastination. You must take
action and liberate yourself from the disempowering effects of

Procrastination is not so much a behavior as it is a way of

The real problem is with your psychology and not with your behavior
— the behavior is only the symptom. To liberate yourself from
procrastination, you must liberate yourself from the inside. It’s
an internal shift that’s necessary, and once you make the internal
shift, it will automatically spill over into your actions.

Here are three powerful procrastination tips that will help you
liberate yourself from its immobilizing effects.

1. Detach Yourself From Your Behavior.

Realize that you are not your behavior. As soon as you start
identifying with a behavior, you become it. Just because you
procrastinate at times does not make you a procrastinator — unless
you believe it.

One of the strongest forces within the human personality is for
your behavior to be consistent with your self-concept.

Once you believe that you are a ‘procrastinator’ all your actions
will be filtered through this belief. Since all beliefs are
self-reinforcing, you will only strengthen this belief with your

Instead, you must start by building a positive self-image and
develop empowering beliefs. Choose different ways of defining
yourself and forget about what you’ve done up until now. This is a
fresh moment, and you can change everything around, right now, by
changing your beliefs about yourself.

2. You Don’t Have To Get It Perfect — You Just Have To Get It

One of the major causes for procrastination is this notion of
wanting to get everything perfect. For some it even goes as far as
waiting for the ‘perfect time’ before they take action. Underneath
this need to get things perfect lies the fear of failure and how
your results will reflect on you. See, when you do nothing, nobody
can judge or criticize you. Right? Wrong!

If you do nothing, you will get nowhere. This universe is one that
is driven by action. There are NO rewards for inaction. Only
frustration and a longing for something that you know you can
achieve, ‘if only you do it.’

Instead of making perfection your goal, you should make ‘starting’
your goal. As you do this and practice it, you will soon discover
the real secret: once you start, you build momentum and you end up
doing much more than you ever intended to do when you set out to
just get it started.

Perfection does not exist.

Don’t be misguided by the illusion that you have to get it perfect.
It’s a weak excuse and one that will keep you immobilized. Liberate
yourself and strive for a ‘poor’ result — that way you cannot be

3. Change Your Perception

One of the most profound teachings with roots in eastern philosophy
is that when you change the way you look at things, things change.
This idea can free you from virtually anything that might be
holding you down. All of life relies on perception.

What you ‘take in’ with your senses is nothing but a vast array of
sounds, colors, shapes, images, and smells. None of it has any
meaning in itself. You are the one that can give it meaning, and
you are the one that gets to decide how you interpret this

Procrastination is nothing but a way of evaluating something and
assigning a meaning to it that keeps you from taking action.

At some level, mostly subconscious, you believe that taking action
will be more painful than not taking action, and by design, you
will prevent yourself from taking action.

This is one of the most powerful procrastination tips, and you can
free yourself by starting to change the way you look at the things
that you are procrastinating about. Ask yourself ‘What else can
this mean?’ and instead of saying that you ‘have to do it,’ say
that you “choose to do it.”

The difference is subtle, but significant.

Change the way you look at things, and the things will change.

These three procrastination tips are by no means the begin all and
end all of overcoming procrastination, but it will most certainly
help to liberate you from being immobilized by procrastination and