What has Happened to our Values?

What has happened to our values?

 Society today is soft, That’s right soft, Pooh bear soft.

I keep on thinking about that soft drink commercial, you know the one where the actor regresses back to a time where they had big hair and the music was great, you know when life was simple, our values were strong and we worked damn hard for everything we got, remember those times, unfortunately most people in the world today don’t.

Most of today’s generation expects everything handed to them on a silver platter with instant success and immediate results, well as we know expecting and getting don’t happen without hard work.

Technology today is awesome with the advent of computers, video games, HD televisions with 300+ channels to surf that help make our lives easier and more comfortable and lazy, we spend way too much time on our butt’s, no wonder we are becoming obese, sick and dying. We now have a generation of kids that for the first time in human history may die before their parents, this is a scary proposition.

What has happened to our values, hard work, respect, discipline and tolerance we seem to have lost these somewhere along the way. We are constantly bombarded with negativity, our kids have less than ideal role models to choose from, no wonder they have low self esteem, little to no work ethic and vague values.

Fortunately there  is a place that still maintains and teaches the values and work ethic that society is severly lacking, that place is at a credible Martial Art’s school one that teaches life skills and character development not just the kicking and punching.

To rediscover those lost values for yourself and family and get in the best shape of your life you owe it to yourself to take a hard look at Martial Arts.

Don’t you think it’s time you gave yourself and your family an unfair advantage in life.

Master Bell


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