Children’s Martial Arts Boosts Confidence

Bullying can be a problem for many children. Although many public school systems have dedicated many programs and individuals to handle and work on anti-bullying efforts, the problem will always exist when you have a bully and another child who can be the bully’s target. Lack of self esteem is often what causes a bully to feel he or she can pick on that child. Children’s martial arts are very well known for their ability to help build confidence in a child, which can reduce or eliminate being bullied.

In children’s martial arts, children gain self esteem and confidence. They also learn discipline and self control. Many parents may feel that martial arts will cause their child to begin bullying other children, but history proves otherwise. Students of martial arts usually gain a respect for the art and therefore do not use their training to be one of the bullies. Unfortunately, there are some parents and children with the wrong intent whose training goes for the wrong purpose; however, the majority of children do not have malicious intent.

There are a multitude of other benefits for a children’s martial arts student. These students learn how to concentrate and focus, which can help them excel in school. Confidence and control are gained and they learn how to control their temper. They learn how to defend themselves and most likely will only do so if they absolutely need to. Any form of exercise provides stress relief, and martial arts will do the same. But the biggest benefit by far is the overall confidence, strength, and knowledge they obtain in their martial arts training that allows them to carry themselves confidently, which repels bullies. In addition, kids talk. Kids will likely know who’s involved in which activities – and that includes martial arts. If the bullies know that another student has this training, they are much less likely to confront them.

There are so many benefits to children’s martial arts training. Confidence, discipline, control, self esteem, mental clarity and focus, concentration, and respect are some of those benefits. These all add up to higher levels of self confidence and respect from others as well. Being physically fit and able to defend themselves makes a person feel really good about themselves and they can stand tall when they walk down their school’s halls. Anti-bullying programs are great, but for your child, martial arts may be a great program to instill for lifelong confidence.

Master Tim Bell


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