5 Ways Not To Set A Resolution…

5 Ways Not To Set A Resolution…

By Mike Dolpies

Studies reveal that a good portion of New Year’s Resolutions fail! Why? There’s not enough space to attempt to answer that one here. But one thing I know for certain is that when a “New Year’s Resolution” does not become reality it damages the self-esteem and slows forward momentum toward success. You don’t have to be Dr. Phil to figure that one out. So is there a secret to making a positive change in the new year? Here are five tips for you…

1) Do NOT set a resolution! The secret is to be a goal setter and goal getter all year long. After all, isn’t a new year’s resolution simply a goal to do something, kick a bad habit or fulfill a desire for a better life? Every resolution is set with the strong psychological drive to either move away from pain (those pants not fitting) or move toward pleasure (looking better on the beach this summer).  Turn those desires into goals instead of weak resolutions that are out the door by Valentine’s day.

2) Balance Ambition With Reality . Imagine the new year was limitless. Based on your current situation think of an ambitious but realistic goal. You know what is realistic and ambitious for you – the key is to find the happy median. Not realistic, it won’t happen and you’ll set yourself up for disappointment. Not ambitious, you won’t be challenged and you’ll lose interest.

3) Write it down as if it already exists. The key is to write your goal down in the first person present tense. “I earn $X per month.” “I have a thirty-three inch waist.” I fit into ___ size dress.” Writing goals in this way communicates to your subconscious mind that you are serious about the goal. The key is repetition so do this exercise a few times per week.

4) Set a deadline. Attach a date next to the goal. This again is an area where you need to be ambitious but realistic. And what happens if you don’t reach the goal by the deadline? Just set another deadline, no big deal.

5) Look for clues and take action. Once you start setting goals and programing them into your subconscious mind you’ll become aware of opportunities to reach your goals. It’ll be like when you buy a certain model and color car. All of a sudden “everyone has the same car you do.” No, the cars were there all along – you just notice them more now. The same thing happens with your goals. You’ll notice opportunities that get you closer to them because you made your mind aware. When these opportunities are presented to you the next step is to act on them. Remember, without action your goals will end up like everyone else’s resolutions – gone by Valentine’s day!
This year, set goals and not resolutions!


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