What Would Life Be Like in A Post Apocalyptic World?…

The Book of Eli

Today my wife Pauline and I went to see the movie “The Book Of Eli” and right from the start you could sense what life might be like on a post apocalyptic planet.

The movie starts with most life on the planet being eradicated because of a massive world war that destroys our protective ozone layer causing high levels of radiation to hit the surface, those that survived the devastation were sheltered underground at the time and resurfaced later on when the immanent danger was over. Our main character Eli is on supposed mission from god to take The Book of Eli to the west coast, The Book of Eli is the only known bible to survive the destruction, but with very little around in the way of food and water life becomes a daily fight for survival, Eli trades KFC Wet Naps and other hard to find goods left over from our previous world for water and other services, he hunts what he can in the way of birds and small prey, many others turn to cannibalism, human rights and law and order don’t exist and it’s everyone for themselves.

Watching the movie you experience what the world might be like without the things and stuff that we all take for granted such as clean water, fresh healthy food, a roof over our heads or even a lowly iPod shuffle, these things become the new worlds gold bullion, lot’s of people die or are maimed in the pursuit of them.

This movie is definitely a wake up call as to what might be in store for us if we continue to rape our planets resources and abuse the environment. Like Avatar it has strong undertones and messages throughout both verbally and visually.

Luckily this was only a movie but if we seriously don’t change our ways it could very well become our reality.


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  1. great theme, thank you

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