Eureka! I have discovered the fountain of youth…

Eureka! I have discovered the fountain of youth…

And no it wasn’t on that late night TV infomercial featuring: the ACME Abs rotational leg/butt gizmotron or in a bottle of wonder elixir it was right here in front of me from the start, I just never realized it until now. What is it you ask?

It’s really simple and it’s practically 100% FREE but it comes at a price, the price isn’t monetary, the price is in the form of commitment, dedication and the desire to truly make a change in your life. It’s about changing the way you live and think. It starts by getting rid of deliberating habits that sabotage and create pain and creating new ones that enhance and create quality to all aspects of your life.

This year I decided to make a few changes in my life by committing to several goals and community based projects, firstly to motivate myself and hopefully in the process to inspire my students and those around me to look at their lives. I knew I had to do something drastic and life altering that would create massive change and I desperately wanted to live the life and walk the talk of a true Master Instructor, the super hero versus just talking about being one.

Since turning 50 in 2009 and taking on my 365 day challenge I have seen tremendous gains both physically, mentally and spiritually, I feel like I’m in the body of a fit 20 year old and have a crystal clear vision of where I’m going in both in my personal and professional life and a clear understanding of where I want to be.  In taking this challenge I stumbled across the true fountain of youth, who would of known that it was with me the whole time, right in front of my nose, I just had to open my eyes to look for it.

So before someone tries to sell you the next best health gizmo or cream to make you feel younger and more vibrant, take a hard look around and if you try real hard I’ll bet that you’ll see the real truth and believe me it’s not in a package.

The fountain of youth isn’t for sale, you can’t touch it or see it or smell it…it’s a mind set, a new way of thinking…a new way to a better life.

So before you spend your hard earned cash on the latest and greatest new gizmo, take a real close look from the inside out and discover your own fountain of youth, you’ll never regret that you did…I can promise.

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