The Art of Paying it Forward…

What could be more valuable than gold, diamonds and money?

Create more purpose in life and do more good than any charity could dream of?

It’s the lost art of paying it forward, the human interaction of giving and receiving, not just in the physical act of giving presents on special occasions such as Christmas, Valentines and Birthday’s, but in the deeper sense that creates a sense of purpose and gives real value to both the giver and the receiver.

The true art of paying it forward needs to be without thought a spontaneous act that feels right. “When the time is right, the time will find you.”

The gift can be anything from good advice to a million dollars, the gift can come in many forms and guises, it could even be in the form of ad inspirational blog post, but again it has to be sincere and a win-win.

Gift giving doesn’t have to be reciprocal or something expected in return from the giver, the true art of paying it forward is passing on something to those who are willing and ready and deserve to receive. It’s up to the reviver to pass it on or not. The old saying goes “What comes around, goes around.”

Like any art, martial or otherwise, paying it forward can only be perfected through repetition and quality practice, it’s only then that true mastery can be achieved.

Self-defense is…Paying it forward.

By; Master Tim Bell


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