But I Am Committed!

But are you really? Chances are that you made a New Year’s resolution this year; it could have been to get fit, lose weight, give up a bad vice or maybe even mend a broken relationship. Whatever it was, odds are you committed to something in 2010.

There’s a pretty good chance that what you committed to on January 1st isn’t necessarily the same commitment or direction that you are headed today. I’m pretty sure that 100% of us were on track one minute after midnight, so what happened between then and now? In one word COMMITMENT.

Over time, usually the next day some of the excitement wears off and reality sets in, the resistance starts to awake and self doubts surface. What seemed possible 24 hours ago now seems like pain and hardship. Commitment seems less a priority and more of a thing to avoid; we procrastinate, make up excuses and spend more time and energy avoiding. Failure is imminent and we except it, we tell ourselves that the timing wasn’t right, it’s a bad time or whatever excuse we can use to justify our short coming.

Those of us who stick to our resolutions and goals do so because we are able to visualize what it looks, feels and tastes like when we reach it. The physical work counts for 20% while the visualization counts for 80% of its success or failure.

Visualization is what keeps the resistance and self doubts at bay, and gives us the courage to persevere and conquer. Athletes and coaches have known this for years, it’s the difference between gold and last place.

It’s not so much about the commitment but more about visualizing the journey and the destination.

By: Master Tim Bell


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