It’s all about the Winning…

Everyone loves a winner, a winner is someone who rose to the top persevered and overcame adversity, became a champion, we as a society worship winners, but is it only about the winning.

With so much national emphasis and resources placed on developing champions we seem to have lost sight of the real journey and the spirit of the game. Competition can’t be just about the laurels and the fame, it has to go much deeper and more broader to be worthwhile.

In society today we put so much pressure on ourselves and our children to succeed in sport and in life, we seem to have forgotten about the real reason why we started anything in the first place…TO HAVE FUN…when the fun of the game is gone so is it’s spirit. And once that happens we lose the gift of humanity and purpose. Our life becomes shallow and self serving.

Some of the more popular metaphors that we have all heard over the years to help us understand this spirit have been “It’s not if you win or lose but how you play the game” or ‘Winning isn’t everything” over time these famous quotes have lost their true message and meaning. The message that we seem to be sending today sounds more like “It’s only if you win and don’t lose not how you play the game” or “Winning is everything” It seems that losing is no longer an accepted option.

With these types of messages when losing happens (everyone loses sooner or later), we are devastated, shocked and dismayed and feel worthless or less than, in some cases we quit and give up on our dreams, never to achieve greatness. Would this happen if we were more concerned about the fun instead of the win?

Watching the winter Olympics I couldn’t believe how dejected some athletes were on winning a silver medal, do you think they stopped and reflected on how much fun they had getting to that point or how unbelievable it was being at the Olympic games and on the podium with a silver medal, obviously not. It’s sad because they missed a golden opportunity to celebrate how awesome it is to be a part of humanity and life.

Anyone who has ever done anything of value in this world has embraced failure and learned to accept it, take for instance Thomas Edison, he failed at inventing the light bulb 999 times it wasn’t until his 1000 try that he enjoyed success. He knew that winning was inevitable as long as he didn’t quit. He accepted failure as a learning tool and moved on.

When we lose we are quick to blame everything and everyone around us except for ourselves, from the playing conditions to the poor officials and even our own coaches and trainers. Winners are the ones that win or lose accept full responsibility for their actions and move on..

Losing is inevitable just like night and day but so is winning, we just need to accept both for what they are and take the time to enjoy this journey we call life.

By: Master Tim Bell


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