I want to Quit!…

That dreaded word that gives every Martial Arts instructor nightmares, how did it get to that point? Did we as instructors drop the ball or was it just bad karma. To be realistic, if everyone who first committed to Martial Arts in the first place never dropped out every second person on this planet would be a Master Instructor by now, but like I said if.

Here’s my take on it. When a new student joins an activity like Martial Arts it’s an exciting time in their lives, instead of watching Martial Arts heroes on TV or in the movie’s  here’s a chance to actually be one…life is good, then something happens it could be weeks, months or even years the student hits the DIP,and everyone does.

The DIP is the time where motivation and motion are at a low. When we first start Martial Arts we are in constant motion and motivation is at its peak, resistance is low and learning is accelerated, then we hit the DIP, the newness begins to wear off, things seem to be repetitive and the school surroundings become very familiar, the extraordinary becomes the ordinary and practicing that same technique after doing it a thousand times is no longer as exciting as it once was. The lizard brain awakens and the resistance is strong.

Getting through the DIP is the difference between a student who quits to one who becomes the gifted Master Instructor. Conquering the DIP is easy all you have to do is…DON’T QUIT! Average people quit, extraordinary people push through. It’s easy to quit I guess that’s why we have so many excuses to justify being average, “I was bored”, “It’s too hard”, I don’t like it anymore” and the list goes on and on and…

So what turns average into extraordinary? And no it’s not education, genes or anything out of the ordinary; it’s the difference between being in motion or not. Staying in motion while in the DIP creates motivation, motivation quiets the lizard. This is what takes us from average to extraordinary.

As a society we are setting our kids up to be habitually quitters. Many parents are reluctant to bring their children back to class after they lose interest or want to quit, even though the commitment was made and they realize the amazing character building, life skills and other benefits that any good Martial Arts program can provide.

We won’t let our kids quit school when they are bored or stop brushing their teeth if they want, so why do we let them quit activities that we know are good for them, especially ones that build character and create purpose.

When children learn at a young age that quitting is acceptable, commitments later on in life are taken on with less meaning and true passion.

Quitting has been the status quo for too long, it’s time to be a heretic and push through the DIP, and it’s time to become extraordinary.

By: Master Tim Bell


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