Who’s Intimidated Here?…

Intimidation is just another word for bullying and like bullying it comes in many guises and forms.

Intimidation can be as slight as a subtle look or gesture or a full blown physical confrontation. In either of it’s forms, it comes down to control and gaining the upper hand.

Like with bullying intimidation can only occur if both parties are ready, the intimidator is looking to control and the intimidatee is willing. Why are some of us so easily intimidated? Is it  a lack of self esteem, a feeling of less than instead of equal to, or is it just plain fear? I think it’s unequivocally all of the above.

Sometimes intimidation is self induced, due to our own thoughts, perceived insecurities and self doubts. We may feel threatened, afraid of losing something or someone. These are usually just that, perceived. They are definitely not reality.

Those who intimidate are looking out for themselves and their own best interest. Their self esteem and self worth are in short supply so control is a way for them to make up for what is lacking in their lives.

When it comes down to a push or a shove we are all equal, some of us just can’t accept that fact.

Intimidation in any form is unacceptable; allowing it to happen is a crime.

By: Master Tim Bell


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