Will The Real Master Instructor Please Stand Up…

What is a real Martial Arts Master? Is it someone who has mastered his/hers chosen art, or someone who has mastered themselves and is a giver? Well the answer to that question depends on whom and how you ask.

Many assume that martial arts are a violent activity whose only purpose is to master the art of fighting and kicking butt, need I remind you what happens when we assume? I didn’t think so. No thanks to Hollywood martial arts and martial artists have been at times portrayed in an exaggerated less than flattering light. In reality this couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Master Instructors come in many guises just like in the variety of the martial arts they represent. With the commercialization of martial arts also came the birth of the Paper Tiger. The Paper Tiger is a Martial Arts Master who hides behind a paper rank certificate; they use their label as a Master Instructor for their own personal gain, be it political, monetary or statutory. Lot’s of glitz but very little glamour.

A true Master Instructor is in constant motion, never stagnant. They train harder than any of their students; they are in constant search of perfection and are never satisfied with less. A true Master Instructor knows that everything they have, knowledge, skills and experience will disappear quicker than greased lightning once they take any of it for granted. They walk the talk. A Paper Tiger gives that impression, but rarely can show it, walking the talk is not their forte.

A Master Instructor gives gifts; they are on a mission to help those around them and to make a difference in the people and the communities they serve. Just imagine for a minute a community where respect was the norm, where the words “Sir” and Ma’am” were common place, wouldn’t this be a great place to live? Heck ya! This is a Master Instructors dream; a Paper Tiger is a gift receiver, never a gift giver.

Those Master Instructors who feel that they have mastered their art are still White Belts in mastering themselves. Martial Arts are so much more and to truly see this one has to be a master from the inside out, not from the outside in.

Martial arts today have become much more than just about the art. In all honesty the chances of getting assaulted or attacked are very slim, and when you compare them to the immediate threats that surround us, such as Heart Disease, Diabetes and Obesity, the perceived threats pale in comparison. These are the real culprits to our health and safety not the mugger. Education, awareness and action about these killers, this is today’s Self-Defense. A true Master Instructor knows this, a Paper Tiger doesn’t care.

I wrote this article for a couple of reasons, firstly to enlighten and educate not to criticize and condemn and secondly to expose the Paper Tigers among us who give the art and way of life I love a bad name.

I choose to make a difference and buck the status quo. Paper Tigers are a dime a dozen or 2 for 1 at the Dollar Store. Whom would you choose?

Martial Artist First – Master Instructor Second – School Owner Third

By: Master Tim Bell


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