Can you smell the Bacon?…

Have you ever heard the saying “Wake up and smell the bacon” living in Canada chances are pretty good that you have. It’s a metaphor for “Living in the now” “being aware of who we are and what’s happening around us” It’s seeing the truth and reality for what they are.

How many of us don’t smell the bacon, are numb to reality, truth and lack the ability to empathize?

Take for instance you are waiting in line at the supermarket, the line is long and moving slow, the check out clerk is new and being trained, you know this because of the large trainee badge on their smock. What thoughts a going through your mind? Is it something like “This is ridicules!” or “Why does this happen to me every time?” my guess is probably yes. What if you took 3 deep breathes and started to empathize, maybe put yourself in the new clerk’s shoes or take it globally and realize that people on this planet are dying every second from malnutrition and starvation while you wait to pay for that one inch T-bone steak.

How about when you stand in front of our bathroom sink brushing your teeth in the morning while the water runs down the drain. Do you think about the millions of people who lack clean, fresh drinking water?  My guess, probably not, if you can’t smell the bacon.

We live in a country of wealth and opulence, we eat too much, we drink too much and we throw away too much. The average Canadian wastes more per month than a third world village does in a year. Is this smelling the bacon?

Or is it that we don’t really want to. Reality sometimes is painful and pain is something the status quo likes to avoid.

Are you ready to smell the bacon?


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