An Inspirational Essay From a Junior Student Graduating From Red Belt to Black Stripe…

I Never Thought . . .

You can say that Taekwondo is all about the technique of any martial art but if you think more clearly a martial art is all about what you do, what you say and what you feel. If you come to any martial art school to just learn techniques it’s not the place for you because, Taekwondo and being a martial artist is all about your actions and taking charge.

If you’re not honest or reliable you’re not a martial artist because a martial artist helps people around you to change the world. We all know that martial arts is not for everyone because if it was the world would be a much nicer place. If martial arts are not for everyone as martial artists we can change people to act like a martial artist even if they are not.

To accomplish a martial art we use words to help us learn more about the martial art. Ever heard of the word self-control? Self-Control has a lot to do with what we do in Taekwondo. For instance, on the sport side of Taekwondo we are still martial artists and to show it is to bow to the opponent and coach in the beginning and end of the match. To accomplish self-control you must show it by accepting that the opponent won that match and you could try in the next tournament. Or you can use self-control by accepting that you won in a match and not show too much by bragging–that’s how we can be martial artists. As martial artists we can prevent other people to lose their control by telling them about self-control. If you’re a martial artist like myself and you lose your control or temper it doesn’t mean that you’re a bad person it means you can learn from your mistakes. Self-control means controlling your body and mind in a safe and positive way.

Focus is also another important word in our Taekwondo community. To have focus means you accomplish a part of Taekwondo. We use focus in every Taekwondo class. We use focus in poomsae, sparring, competition, and technique. Well I think you get the point! If everyone had focus it would make life much easier to live in. Focus is when we are calming our body to relax. We use focus in an every day of our lives. Gautama Buddha or “The Enlightened One” was the creator of Buddhism who practiced on meditating to focus. In Taekwondo we also practice on putting away our thoughts to focus on the martial art.  Following in Buddha’s footsteps, Mohandas Gandhi also practiced focusing to relieve pressure. You can see we use focus around the world, especially in Taekwondo. That’s what makes us special!

Before I joined Taekwondo I always loved martial arts. I always watched all these cool martial art movies so I decided I would wanted to try a martial art. Before I never heard of Taekwondo so the martial art I wanted to join was Karate or Kung-Fu. But then my dad showed me Taekwondo and I loved it! The reason I wanted to join a martial arts was because I wanted to learn all the techniques. But then when I got into Taekwondo I found out that martial arts is much more then the techniques. It’s about learning, buliding character, goal setting, self confidence, helping others and a lot more! Also I never heard of poomsae before until I joined Taekwondo. As I joined Taekwondo I noticed that Taekwondo is a lot different then the other martial arts like Karate and Kung-Fu. Everyone says that Taekwondo is just like Karate or Kung-Fu but in some ways it’s a lot different. They might have the same roots but in Taekwondo we use the whole room. Going from left to right can make Taekwondo a hard martial art to be good at.

Going to tournaments is anothor accomplishment in Taekwondo. I go to the tournaments I can go but I understand when I can’t go sometimes. In tournaments we go there to have fun and to have a goal to reach. We try our best in tournaments but it might not turn out the way we expected so we learn from the competition and try hard next time. I have a goal in cometitions and it is to go to the Olympic Games or the World Taekwondo Championships. To achieve this is to train hard in our daily Taekwondo class.

Poomase has a lot to do with focus. If you have focus you have achieved a part of poomase. In poomase it could be fast or slow but the number one thing to remember it to be relax and focus. Poomsae represents your focus, power, strength, ability and balance. We  use poomsae to relax more and to focus more. Poomase is a form to show your rank or belt. In poomsae we breathe through our nose and mouth to show our strength. Like sparring, we bow in the begining and end and that proves that we are martial artists. Also in poomsae you are using as much as power as you can even if you’re not hitting anything.

In sparring we use techniques to score a points. In sparring the object of the game is to score on the opponets pad on the back or front for a point and a score to the helmet would give three points. Also if you are doing a spinning kick to the pad such as back kick or spinning pichagi would give you two points. In sparring when you kick you are tring to reach the pad unlike poomsae you are just kicking strat forward.

The reason I think I should get my black stripe is that I think I’m ready in my own mind because I practice and memorize my poomases and Olympic techniques and I practice my board breaks and sparring. I am also going to try community work to help the world so I can think “What I’m doing for the world and think that I’m being a great martial artist too.”

By: Bell’s Taekwondo Student, Dylan Bennett


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  1. Impressive Mr. Bennett. Wow.

  2. Dude, that just made my day.

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