The Ghosts of Taiji…

I’m a big fan of documentary movies, especially the ones that bring important issues and causes to light. Last night I watched a movie called “The Cove” it was a movie my daughter Angela highly recommended, knowing my passion for important causes and the environment she was right on the mark, plus we have the same great taste.

The Cove is about a small town in Japan called Taiji that on the outside looks like Japan’s version of Wally World but on the inside hides a very dark and disturbing secret. The Cove is a movie about that secret.

Each year in Taiji 20,000 dolphins are herded into shore and slaughtered, the main reason being that they are considered a pest by the local government and fishermen. The fishermen systematically herd the dolphins into an open cove for selection. Some are chosen to live, while others are chosen to die. The fortunate ones who are picked to live become show dolphins and are sold and shipped to theme parks worldwide. The unlucky ones are moved to a separate and secluded cove away from prying eyes and the media to be slaughtered mercilessly.

The butchered dolphins are then processed for their meat and sold to local shops and supermarkets throughout Japan. Here’s where the story gets even more bizarre. No thanks to our disregard for the planet, dolphins are inundated with levels mercury that are considered to the extreme and highly toxic. The World Health Organizations acceptable level for human consumption is no higher than 4 ppm (parts per million), dolphins have been tested for levels as high as 2000 ppm. Innocent Japanese unaware of these levels and the horrors of Taiji are slowly being poisoned and dying.

This and the systematic extermination of these mammals is so wrong on so many levels. Dolphins are highly intelligent mammals that are more equal to us than any other mammal on this planet. They feel, they love and they are aware. Would you stand by and watch 20,000 people being ruthlessly murdered? Or would you stand up and do the right thing?

The only thing that separates us from these mammals is water.

The time for action is NOW! – To help all you need to do is Click HERE

Together we can STOP this horror.

By: Master Tim Bell


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  2. Hi there, just spent a short break reading this site. I got some good ideas for topics after reading through at some of your posts. a lot to read, that’s for sure.

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