What’s with all this NOISE!…

Daily we are inundated with noise, now I don’t just mean the auditory noise that we experience from life happening around us, but the noise that bombards our senses and steals our valuable time.

With the constant barrage of e-mails, text messages and Tweets we spend a good portion of our day going from one medium to the other in a never ending circle. The ironic part is that everything seems to be marked urgent. In all seriousness is it really urgent or just a ploy to get our undivided attention. I think the later.

It kind of reminds me of the fable “The boy who cried Wolf”. At first everyone believed him but with so many false cries, people started to ignore the noise until one day the boy was right and the wolf did appear. With this constant state of perceived urgency the pertinent and important messages become lost in the noise.

Social networks have also added to this noise, especially with time sucking. Sites such as Facebook have become our newest form of crack. We spend hours friending people that in most cases we never met. I have seen some with up to 5000 friends. Seriously who really has 5000 friends?

We put our thoughts, feelings and personal lives out for display, hoping to get a compliment or the preverbal thumbs up. Don’t get me wrong social networks are great for connecting with like minded people and sharing information and ideas, for that I am guilty as charged. It becomes a problem when the social network becomes the reality.

Advertising is another form of noise that takes it to the extreme. With so much variety and choice today, advertisers are constantly finding ways to vie for our attention, and exploring every avenue available to do it. We are so bombarded with this noise that are attention spans are dwindling faster than Nova Scotia’s NDP government’s popularity. If the message doesn’t register almost immediately it is ignored and becomes part of the noise. The smart advertisers realize this and are now asking for our permission to develop a relationship first and then a customer second.

Dealing with noise is all about balance and simplicity. I like to use acronym KISS (keep it simple stupid). Let’s face it everything isn’t urgent or ever will be. When it becomes urgent trust me you’ll know it.

Yes the wolf may come but in the meantime turn off those iPhones, Blackberry’s and tell your Facebook friends that you’ll get back to them shortly.

Life doesn’t happen digitally.


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