Where’s The Trust?…

Trust is so hard to earn and so easy to lose. Has it always been like this?

When we were young trust was something that we easily embraced, we trusted those around us without hesitation, prejudice or fear. Through conditioning and the status quo we were educated on the perils of talking to strangers, being out going or living without fear. Our natural ability to trust became the new age paranoia’s. The innocent trust that we once embraced has now become our biggest fear.

Over time our circle of trust became a group we reserved for the very select few around us. Those that wanted into our circle would have to earn that privilege the hard way.

So how does one enter our circle? Is it through their actions and demeanor? What gifts they bring? Or is it our intuition? Personally I think it’s a combination of all the above, with intuition trumping the others.

In this day and age of paranoia and perceived doom and gloom, trust is in short supply and dwindling fast. Let’s face it we generally only interact with those we trust, we befriend and give to those we trust and we follow those we trust. Unfortunately as history has proven, following the wrong person or ideology has led to the demise of many.

I’m not saying we should trust everything and everyone, to the contraire. I do think it’s important that we lower our standards and become more giving and accepting of others, at least until they prove us wrong.

Trust is a lost art, with it we share, love and grow. Without it we become greedy, hateful and cynical.

Who do you trust?

By Master Tim Bell


3 Responses

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  2. Trust is an issue we have to be careful with, when teaching younger students. If do not teach a lack of trust with strangers, then we leave children vulnerable to preditors.
    If we are too parinoid, then we are seen as bunch of overbearing whaco’s. So when children are alone without parents behave like a safety crazed kid. When you have your parents near, use good judgement.

  3. I like your blog. Could you look at getting comment luv plugin for your site? Helps with your seo and mine as well.

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