Why so Content?…

Contentment“Happiness with ones situation in life.”

Complacency“Satisfied with oneself.”

As a society we seem so content being average, living average lives, working at average jobs and doing average stuff. Is it from being surrounded by average all of our lives or the paralyzing fear of bucking the status quo?

Let’s be honest, being average is easy. It takes very little effort or thought and it creates a veil of stealth like invisibility. The status quo likes average, but is average genuine contentment and complacency? I think not. Contentment and complacency is a state of mind not a final destination.

Not everyone is willing to buck the status quo; it takes courage, vision and the unrelenting desire to succeed. Average folks look at this with distain and bewilderment. Who dares to buck the status quo? They wonder.

As a society we have been conditioned to do only what we have to, no more, no less. Those who do less are considered lazy; those that dare to excel are considered greedy and self serving. This is the status quo’s way of keeping us in line and average.

Unfortunately many of us will always be average; it’s just the way it is. For those of us who choose to be different we are rewarded handsomely in the end for our vision and courage.

If I had chosen to be complacent I would not have had the courage to write this blog post, become a 5th dan blackbelt or open my own Taekwondo School. In having the courage my life and those around me have become much more than just average.

The choice is yours.

By: Master Tim Bell


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