The miracle of Kindness…

Kindness – A kind act, an act of good will; as, to do a great kindness.

Kindness is an attribute all human possess, but how many of us practice it on a daily basis? My guess is, not as much as we should.

So the question is; why not?  Back in the day before technology and gadgets interrupted our daily lives, human to human interaction was more prevalent and accepted. Kindness flourished, neighbor helped neighbor, communities and neighborhoods rallied in good and in bad times. We practiced and honed kindness.

As technology created less need for direct human interaction, kindness suffered also. We tend to shuffle through our daily lives with little desire for real interaction. The status quo has made us paranoid of letting our guard down or being noticed.

Here’s a case in point. If you ever had the chance to observe the entrance to a shopping mall or a big box store, how many of us take the time to hold the door open for others or even acknowledge the act with a thank you?  And how about when were driving, how many times have we encountered aggressive and uncaring drivers? How many of us are that driver?

Yes ladies and gentlemen, kindness is in danger, but it’s not too late. So where do we start? It starts with us, the individual. We as humans have a strong desire to return the favor when someone shows us kindness; it’s called the theory of reciprocity, the act of paying it forward, so to say.

Kindness feels good, for both the giver and the receiver, it’s a win-win. It’s what makes us human and special.

Try it for yourself today…It’s very contagious.


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