Our Lost Values…

Where have our manners, respect and empathy for others gone?

It seems that these and many of our other values are in serious jeopardy, with so much of our time and energy spent on keeping up with the status quo, the hours of our day seem to be inadvertently shrinking.

Technology and our love of gadgets have made the world a much smaller place; in turn it has created a huge gap in real human interaction. Many of us have become unsure of how to act and react when faced with an opportunity or an unfamiliar situation. It’s somewhat disturbing how little the words please and thank you are spoken or how little respect and empathy we show not only others but especially ourselves.

The good news is that all is not lost; many of these values are making a strong comeback and are alive and well. Where? You ask.

You can definitely find them at a reputable Martial Arts school, one that teaches and practices character development and teaches good values. You can also hear and see them practiced by a dedicated teacher and role model, and most of all from those who care.

Yes, we all intrinsically have these values, it’s these that make us who we are…Human beings…The problem is that in this day and age we tend to spend very little time exercising and honing them.

You know the old saying “Use it…Or lose it”.

Without values…Life is without value.

By: Master Tim Bell


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