The Lights are Green

How many of us wait for all the proverbial traffic lights to turn green before we get off our ever increasing behinds? When it comes to taking care of ours and our family’s health and fitness needs it sure seems that the lights are either flashing amber or stuck solid on red. We seem to be either too busy, too lazy, too stressed or we just plain procrastinate. Our excuses and reasons seem endless and rational, no thanks to our lizard brain.

Why is it that our health and fitness needs take a back seat to our insatiable desire for immediate pleasure and satisfaction? Is it our endless appetite for stuff? Or is it denial? Technology has made our lives easier but on the flip side it has created a society that is becoming unhealthier and bigger by the minute. Presently there are 1 billion people living on the planet who are obese; this is an appalling and disgraceful stat.

As a martial arts and fitness instructor my desire is to help as many people as I can. I encounter children, adults and families on a daily basis that could really use it.  Today this is more prevalent than ever.  I try to make every effort possible to reach them, but unfortunately very few heed the message or really care. Some of the common excuses I hear when it comes time to commit are “I (we) are going to wait and think about it” Wait and think about what? Or my favorite “I want to get in shape but I’m afraid to commit, because if I do I’ll quit” Now that’s and oxymoron if I’ve ever heard one.

No matter what the excuse or reason it all comes down to hard work and commitment.  This is something very few are ready and willing to do, especially when there are so many great excuses not to.

To be brutally honest as a society we have dropped the ball big time. This could be the first time in mankind’s history where an older generation will most likely out live a younger one.

Will this be our legacy? For our sakes I hope not.

By: Master Tim Bell


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