What Happened to our planet?

I perused a great book review this morning by environmentalist Bill McKibben titled Eaarth (no I didn’t spell it wrong). In his book Mr. McKibben makes a great point, he states that the Earth that we all remember is radically different from the one we live in today, thus we should reflect this by changing its name.

Being very interested and active in environmental self defense this concept intrigued me. Mr. McKibben makes some very logical and valid points. For instance:

  • From the year 1995 to 2008 there has been a 75% increase in hurricane activity in the Atlantic Ocean. (not good when you’re living in Nova Scotia)
  • There is 48% less ice on the planet since in 1968 when the Apollo 8 astronauts took those infamous pictures of Earth from space.
  • One Chinese ship built in 2006 was capable of transporting 1.3 million 29 inch televisions to waiting customers in the west.

Mr. McKibben calls these facts body blows that are caused by global warming. The question is how many body blows do we need before we take notice?

As a martial arts instructor I teach others how to defend themselves against an attack, but unlike global warming a physical attack is in the now, and must be dealt with in the now. Global warming is a gradual matrix type blow that we assume can wait another day. We couldn’t be more wrong.

I can remember back in the day as a youth playing outside, unprotected on the hottest, sunniest summer day with no fear of UV radiation. Today if we expose our unprotected skin for half an hour, 3rd degree burns are usually imminent.

We are overtaxing our planet and its resources at an alarming rate.  If every person on the planet consumed as much as an average Canadian or American we would need 5 additional Earths to sustain us.

As our planet warms even further due to global warming, we can expect more floods, famines, fires, the acidification of our seas, the melting of the ice caps, more droughts and higher sea levels (look out Halifax).

So the million dollar question is “How do we defend ourselves?”  Unfortunate for us greed, growth and special interests from BIG business dictates our future. The oil industry has trillions of dollars invested in everything from power plants right on down to our oil furnaces. They like any capitalistic industry are mandated to protect their investment. This kind of archaic thinking is one of the biggest reasons we are in this mess we are in today and why so little is invested alternative energy sources.

All is not totally lost, we as individuals can make a huge difference, we can eat and buy more local, stop being energy wastrels and quell our insatiable appetite for progress and the attainment of more stuff.

We don’t have to buy one of those 1.3 million televisions sailing across the ailing Pacific from China.

Do we?

By: Master Tim Bell


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