What’s Your Poison?

Okay, I admit it; “I’m a Coke 0 addict” I was one, right from the start.  A beverage that tasted just like the “Real Thing” without the calories, that’s a no brainer, I was sucked in hook, line and sinker.  It was a match made in heaven, true Cola love.  Why not, I could drink gallons of it with no real fear of getting those extra unwanted calories. Life was good, at least so it seemed. That was until I started hearing disturbing rumblings about its main ingredient Aspartame.

Being curious, I had to investigate. So armed with my new Gateway laptop, a cold non carbonated beverage and the power of Google I typed in the phrase “The dangers of Aspartame” within seconds 152,000 results popped up. After perusing a few of the more popular pages, I discovered these little tidbits:

  1. Aspartame was first discovered in 1965, by mistake.
  2. It was originally listed as a biochemical warfare agent.
  3. It’s 180 times sweeter than sugar.
  4. In 1981 it was approved for human consumption (without any real testing).
  5. In 1983 it is approved for use in carbonated beverages (pressure from the soft drink industry).
  6. In 1989 the FDA receives over 4000 complaints about the adverse reactions to the sweetener.
  7. In 2005 it was scientifically tested and proven to be the cause of cancers and tumors in test animals.

To date there have been over 92 different side effects associated with aspartame consumption. These can occur gradually, immediately or can be acute reactions. Some of the more common ones are headaches, change of mood a change in vision, sleeping problems, it also directly linked to the formation of tumors and some cancers.

Aspartame is widely used in over 5000 food products worldwide.  How can this be with all the proof of its deadly side effects?

The story of Aspartame is the story of triumph of corporate might over scientific rigor; it shows how a dangerous product like Aspartame can be approved by a government faced with corporate pressure and greed. Whatever happened to” By the people…For the people?”

If Aspartame was originally classed as a drug instead of a food additive it would have never passed testing or been approved for human use. It would have instead been classified as a lethal deadly poison.

We as a society are somewhat to blame in our search for a low calorie alternative. It’s another fine example of that old adage “You better watch out for what you wish for…Because it might come back to bite you in the butt”.

Here’s one more final disturbing fact that I discovered: Cancer can’t exist without the chemical Phenylalanine…Aspartame contains 50% Phenylalanine.

Isn’t this enough reason to switch to water?

Water – It’s the original “Real Thing”.

By: Master Tim Bell


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