Would you like that Super Sized?

How many times have we been asked that very question at our favorite fast food joint? How many of us have said, yes?  When one looks at the state of our citizen’s health and at our ever expanding girths, it would be safe to say that super sizing is the status quo.

How did we let ourselves get to this point? Experts estimate that 10 to 25 percent of children and teenagers and 20 to 50 percent of adults have weight problems, what’s even more troubling is the latest obesity statistics.  According to experts, 15% of children and 25% of adults are considered obese and those numbers are climbing at an alarming rate.

Human biology is out of step with 21st century technology. Our main problems lay with the high energy, subsidized, cheap foods that are easily and conveniently available along with many labor saving technologies including our sedimentary jobs and lack of exercise. The combination of these equals unavoidable weight gain and inevitabaly obesity.

Obesity is a chronic condition that puts sufferers at risk to over 30 serious medical conditions, from type 2 diabetes to heart failure. An estimated 300,000 deaths per year are attributed to obesity alone.

Self Defense and awareness is the key to any health-related issue. Recognizing symptoms of a problem before it actually becomes a problem defines prevention. Most health related issues can easily be prevented and obesity is no exception.

Here are some ways to help prevent obesity:

  1. Stay active (at least 1 hour per day)
  2. Eat Healthy (avoid those cheap convenience foods)
  3. Watch your weight
  4. Drink plenty of water (avoid sodas, especially the diet ones)
  5. Get a regular physical check up
  6. Keep junk food out of arms reach
  7. Only eat when you’re hungry
  8. Don’t Super Size your meals

Obesity itself may never be irradiated, but with one person at a time it can certainly be prevented.

For the sake of yours and your family’s health, the next time you’re asked to Super Size.

Just politely say “NO Thanks!”

By: Master Tim Bell


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