Is this the age of Stupid?

For the last 30 years we have been warned about the causes and effects of global warming and for the last 30 years we have done very little about it. Greenhouse emissions have been steadily on the rise yet we have repeatedly turned a blind eye to the statistics and numerous warnings.

Global warming without a doubt is the biggest threat that we have ever faced in the history of humanity, and could very well determine our survival as a species, yet we continue to abuse our planet and use up our nonrenewable resources at an alarming rate.

When we are faced with immediate crisis we tend to rally to the cause, yet when faced with a non immediate crisis like global warming, we tend to suffice our fears by listening to the nay sayers and ignoring the hard facts.

Today we are at a point where if we continue to stay the path in the very near future the path and any hope will be gone.  You can combine every tragic event that mankind has faced throughout history and it will pale in comparison to the tragedy that we are faced with today.

So why do so few care? And why has so little been done?  No thanks to our politicians who bow to big business and big oil, growth and consumerism unfortunately trump over the environment and our future existence.  Due to our insatiable appetite for stuff and our love affair with oil, we have sadly become more adamant in protecting our present way of life than in ensuring our future survival.

We have run out of time for more discussion, debates, and empty promises or yet another lame band aid solution, the time for action is now. We need alternatives to fossil fuels and conserve what supplies we have left. We need leaders who can lead instead of follow. We need to change the way we live and learn to live with less frugally.

It has to start with this generation, because if we wait any longer it will be too late for the next.

So to answer the question, “Is this the age of stupid?” It very well could be, if we let it.

By: Master Tim Bell


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