Which came first the Chicken or the Egg?

Some researchers believe that when it comes to obesity in today’s youth a sedentary lifestyle may not contribute to their obesity at all.

Stop swinging that kettlebell. What?

They admit that while obese youth are more inactive, it doesn’t mean that inactivity came first, rather, being obese could make one inactive. So the question is which came first – obesity or lack of exercise? I think the later.

It’s been proven over and over again that insufficient physical activity and too much time spent on sedentary behaviors like computer games, watching TV may equal, and even exceed, diet quality as important contributors to being obese in adolescence.

Back in the 1800’s the average adult consumed around 1830 calories per day, give or take, the average adult today consumes an excess of around 2200 calories. That’s 2200 more calories than they need. Hmm, I wonder what happens to the excess. Can you say “Love Handles and Muffin Tops?”

Now when you take into account the lack of inactivity, whether its play, sport or exercise and culminate it with a  poor diet of high calorie, low grade convenience foods, you have a recipe for disaster with a world of pain, to say the least.

Activity is essential to keep the body fit and healthy, it was designed to be used not abused, once we ignore its needs our bodies ignore us and start to break down and fail.

Not only will lack of exercise and a crappy high carb diet cause obesity, you can also look forward to, Cancer, Diabetes, Heart Disease, Osteoporosis, Depression and ultimately an early not so pleasant death.

Gabe Morgan M.D. summed it up nicely in his recent paper “How Lack of Exercise Shortens Lives” As we age, we lose our ability to kill germs because of lack of muscle. When germs get into your body, you must make white blood cells and proteins called antibodies to kill them. Antibodies and cells are made from protein and the only place that you can store extra protein is in your muscles. When you have large muscles, you have a ready source of protein to make antibodies and cells. When you have small muscles, you have a very limited source of amino acids to make protein, so your immunity may be inadequate to kill germs.

You need antibodies to control cancer cells also. Each day, every healthy body makes millions of cancer cells. Your white blood cells and protein antibodies are necessary to ferret out and kill these cancer cells. You develop cancer when these cancer cells survive and start growing. Having large muscles gives you the source of protein to make antibodies that kill cancer cells as well as germs. Furthermore, when your skeletal muscles are small, so is your heart muscle. A strong heart can withstand arteriosclerosis and infections that can kill a weak heart.

So isn’t this enough reason to get moving and cut back on the Hagen Das.

For your body’s sake, I hope so.

By: Master Tim Bell


The Future’s So Bright I Gotta Wear Shades

Our society and economy is primarily structured around the notion of limitless growth and endless, never ending expansion, be it in supersizing our cities, our business, our bank accounts or our insatiable desire for stuff.

For the last 100 years or so this has worked pretty well on the most part, quality of life was good our resources were somewhat plentiful and the future seemed bright, at least that’s what we were programmed to believe. Heck, have you ever heard a politician running for election not mention the words “growth” or “brighter future” at least a kazillion times, its right up there with kissing babies and making empty promises…I’ll save the rant for another post 🙂

For some bizarre reason no one believed that any of this could or would come to an abrupt end, big oil sure doesn’t believe it, our government and big business brushes off the notion, so why should we think otherwise. We couldn’t be more wrong.

Back in 1972 a small group of European industrialist’s and Scientists met in a small villa in Rome. Their group “The Club of Rome” proposed to examine interrelated global trends, with the help of a few MIT system analysts, they put together a book called “Limits of Growth” in their book they charted the exponential growth of emissions and the depletion of a variety resources , especially carbon based fuels.

What they found was that as capitol stocks grow it requires an enormous amount of resources to sustain the momentum, in the process large amounts of nonrenewable resources are depleted, more and more capitol must then be used to find and obtain more resources, leaving less money in the pot to invest in future growth. It’s a catch 22, so to say.

The group concluded 3 things:

1. If the present growth trends continue in world population, industrialization, pollution, food production and resource depletion continue, the limits of growth on this planet will be reached in less than 100 years.
2. It is possible to alter growth trends and establish a condition of economic and ecological stability with global equilibrium so that all peoples are given the same opportunities.
3. The sooner people strive for the second outcome the greater will be their chances of success.

Keep in mind this report came out before China came onto the industrial scene, so I suspect that 100 year time limit is now closer to 50. On a side note GM is now selling more cars in China than in the United States of America.

This kind of sums up our economic syllabus in a nut shell, “You grow too large, you run out of oil, the arctic melts”… These are symptoms of a world in overshoot, where we are drawing on the world’s resources faster than they can be restored, and we are releasing wastes and pollutants faster than the Earth can absorb them or render them harmless. They are leading us toward global environmental and economic collapse—but there may still be time to address these problems and soften their impact.

It’s going to take massive action and courage, big business, big oil and our leaders and we have to pony up and face this new reality. We are at the brink the precibus is now.

The question is. How much longer will we continue to deny it?

By: Master Tim Bell

The Jig is Up!

When it comes to the environment, the jig is up.  We can no longer continue to ignore the fact that ours and our planet’s health are in grave danger, and that danger is getting graver by the day, hour and minute. Our planet’s eco systems and its species are in trouble and so are we. The problem is that our love affair with oil and our cherished way of life has clouded our perception and the inevitable dangers that we face today.

Many of the experts believe that we are at the point of no return, even if we were able to go to zero emissions  today, this wouldn’t stop or postpone the inevitable catastrophic effects that are now occurring and will continue to occur for years to come. As they put it, the wheels are in motion and it will take years or even decades before they show any signs of slowing down.

Here’s an easy way to understand what global warming is. Our planet is like a pot of water on the stove, when we turn the burner up to level 9 on the dial (increase carbon emissions) the water begins to heat up and eventually begins to boil, so to prevent it from boiling we turn it down a little say to level 8 (decrease carbon emissions slightly), and we keep on turning it down a little bit at a time until were all the way down to 1, but as we know, even at the lowest heat setting the water will eventually boil.  In effect it’s exactly what’s happening today, we reduce some emissions when needed to hold off the inevitable boil, but in reality we can’t hold off the inevitable.

Our planet is heating up at an unprecedented rate.  Our climate is changing, the southern tropics are beginning to shift towards the Great White North. Living in Nova Scotia most of my life, I have never witnessed such a change in the seasons as I have over the last 5 years.  Summers are starting earlier and hanging on longer and the winters have been milder with much less snow. This may seem like a great deal for us now, but in the long run it will come with a very high price. Hurricanes will become more violent and frequent, the oceans will rise because of the melting of the arctic ice and species will perish.  Does this sound like a good deal to you?

The answer is to stop turning the heat down one click at a time by making small insignificant attempts to curb emissions, the environment is in grave danger now and we literally have to stop putting Sponge Bob band aids on a major gaping wound. There is no more time to talk and procrastinate.  The time for action is NOW.  It’s time for our leaders to step up and grow a couple instead of catering to the whims of big business and big oil, it’s time for us to end our love affair with oil & coal and look for better cleaner alternatives than just talk about it.

We may not be able to completely stop the damage we’ve done, but we can certainly do our best to slow down the wheels.

The question is:  What kind of legacy and future planet do we want to leave our children and grandchildren?  Isn’t this something worth fighting for, if not for ourselves, for them?

The time for action is now…Tomorrow may be too late.

By: Master Tim Bell

What’s Holding You Back?

How many of us want to get in shape, lose a few pounds or leave that job that we hate?  My guess is at least one time or another, most of us if not all. So what is it that sabotages our desires and dreams, in two words “Fear and Doubt?”

Most of us experience both throughout our lives, it’s a part of being human, and if you ask a doctor it’s completely normal and accepted, no thanks on a large part to the prehistoric part of our brain referred to as the amygdala or lizard brain.

Fear and Doubt in my opinion are the top two causes that kill our ambition and squash our dreams, they hold us back from getting what we deserve in life.

Here’s an example of Mr. Lizard Brain in action:

The desire: “I’m going to start Kettlebell class this week and watch my diet”.

When fear and doubt takeover: “As soon as I feel better, or get a new job, or on New Year’s or when all the traffic lights are green on my way to work”.

What’s holding us back?  Were afraid that we can’t do it, it might be hard or we might fail miserably so we talk ourselves out of it.

Fear and Doubt are the two most limiting emotions that control us and those around us, we live in a heightened state of both today more than ever.

Here’s what happens, It first starts with negative self talk, this leads to limiting actions and behaviors, which then leads to self sabotage and a half hearted attempt at doing something.

Nothing feels better than saying you gave it your best shot after pre programming yourself for failure, we have a feel good pity party and the endless cycle continues for the rest of our lives.

There is a way to overcome both. First we have to understand what Fear and Doubt truly are. Fear in its basic form is uncertainty, and Doubt is the fear of failure.

The secret to overcoming both is pretty simple, “Fail more often” That’s right, I said “Fail more often” and when you fail get up and do it again. Anyone who has achieved anything in this life has failed more times than not.

Home run king Babe Ruth struck out 1360 times compared to his 714 homers, Donald Trump was once 900 million dollars in debt, Basketball superstar Michael Jordon didn’t make his varsity basketball team.  The point here is that in the face of extreme Fear and Doubt none of these men dared to give up on their dream or bow down to failure.

The easiest way for us to overcome Fear and Doubt is to look it in the face for what it is, once the negative self talk starts,  go out and do something that takes you out of your comfort zone.

If you’re afraid of something like skydiving, riding the elevator or even the water park kamikaze, go out and do it, you’ll be amazed how it will keep you on track and better yet keep the Fear and Doubt self talk at bay, plus you’ll have a blast doing it.

Don’t let Fear and Doubt hold you back from the life you deserve.

By: Master Tim Bell