What’s Holding You Back?

How many of us want to get in shape, lose a few pounds or leave that job that we hate?  My guess is at least one time or another, most of us if not all. So what is it that sabotages our desires and dreams, in two words “Fear and Doubt?”

Most of us experience both throughout our lives, it’s a part of being human, and if you ask a doctor it’s completely normal and accepted, no thanks on a large part to the prehistoric part of our brain referred to as the amygdala or lizard brain.

Fear and Doubt in my opinion are the top two causes that kill our ambition and squash our dreams, they hold us back from getting what we deserve in life.

Here’s an example of Mr. Lizard Brain in action:

The desire: “I’m going to start Kettlebell class this week and watch my diet”.

When fear and doubt takeover: “As soon as I feel better, or get a new job, or on New Year’s or when all the traffic lights are green on my way to work”.

What’s holding us back?  Were afraid that we can’t do it, it might be hard or we might fail miserably so we talk ourselves out of it.

Fear and Doubt are the two most limiting emotions that control us and those around us, we live in a heightened state of both today more than ever.

Here’s what happens, It first starts with negative self talk, this leads to limiting actions and behaviors, which then leads to self sabotage and a half hearted attempt at doing something.

Nothing feels better than saying you gave it your best shot after pre programming yourself for failure, we have a feel good pity party and the endless cycle continues for the rest of our lives.

There is a way to overcome both. First we have to understand what Fear and Doubt truly are. Fear in its basic form is uncertainty, and Doubt is the fear of failure.

The secret to overcoming both is pretty simple, “Fail more often” That’s right, I said “Fail more often” and when you fail get up and do it again. Anyone who has achieved anything in this life has failed more times than not.

Home run king Babe Ruth struck out 1360 times compared to his 714 homers, Donald Trump was once 900 million dollars in debt, Basketball superstar Michael Jordon didn’t make his varsity basketball team.  The point here is that in the face of extreme Fear and Doubt none of these men dared to give up on their dream or bow down to failure.

The easiest way for us to overcome Fear and Doubt is to look it in the face for what it is, once the negative self talk starts,  go out and do something that takes you out of your comfort zone.

If you’re afraid of something like skydiving, riding the elevator or even the water park kamikaze, go out and do it, you’ll be amazed how it will keep you on track and better yet keep the Fear and Doubt self talk at bay, plus you’ll have a blast doing it.

Don’t let Fear and Doubt hold you back from the life you deserve.

By: Master Tim Bell


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