The Age of Instant

We live in an age of amazing breakthroughs in science and technology. We have progressed more in the last one hundred years than at any other time in recorded human history.

Take for example the cell phone.  15 years ago I purchased my first mobile phone, It was a state of the art Motorola analog bag phone from Down East Mobility. At the time there was very little network coverage in Nova Scotia, it came in a bag the size of a Mini Cooper.  Its only frill at the time was a genuine pleather strap to carry the humongous pleather bag. That’s it, a phone, a strap and a pleather bag.

Two days ago I picked up my new Apple iPhone 4, now this isn’t just a cell phone… it’s a “Smart Phone”. What are the frills? You ask, It’s chalked full of them, as a matter of fact I can’t seem to find one that it doesn’t have, except maybe for the kitchen sink,  and to boot, it fits nicely in your back pocket and weighs a whopping 4.8 ounces.

As the saying goes, when it comes to cell phones “We’ve come a long way baby!”

Now I’m not writing this post to talk about the incredible advancements in cell phones, I’m writing to talk about the only constant that hasn’t changed over the years. That constant is us, yes we’ve made huge advancements in other areas, but the human body has pretty much remained the same for thousands of years.

Technology  has made our lives so much easier in so many ways, we’ve become the Age of Instant… instant potatoes…instant tellers…instant messaging…and instant fitness…Yes, these are wondrous times my friend.

Wait…hold on for a sec, did you say…Instant Fitness?

This is one area that isn’t so “Instant”, yes, there are some charlatans and snake oil salesmen that claim otherwise, but the fact is, there are no easy shortcuts or magic elixirs.

Living in the age of instant has changed our perception of what fitness is and how to get fit, those late night infomercials showing gizmos like the “Electric Ab Stimulator” or “The Buttiizer” do nothing but pray on our perceived desire for easy, instant gratification.

The fact is there are no easy ways to get and stay fit. Investing your hard earned cash on those late night gizmos with their empty promises or spending thousands on the latest home gym or fitness center membership that you barely use, is not a guarantee to a better you.

Our bodies were built for moving on a consistent basis, lifting, pushing, pulling and running, and when we neglect that fact, bad things tend to happen,  such as obesity, heart disease, diabetes and cancer to name a few.

Yes technology is making our lives easier, and medical breakthroughs are extending our lives, but when it comes to taking care of our health nothing will replace consistent exercise and a healthy diet.

Someday, maybe not that long into the future we may find that magic elixir, but until that day comes.

We better get Moving.

By: Master Bell


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