It’s Time To Man Up!

The status quo is fixated on masculinity and the image of being macho, our male youth are inundated with imagines and misinformation on what’s expected to be considered manly, virile and accepted in today’s society.

How did our perception become so skewed?

To answer that question we have to go back to a time when being macho held a much different meaning.  If we look back at the birth of the super hero in the 40’s & 50’s they were average Joe’s, with average bodies, no bulging biceps or menacing looks, with the aurora of “Lets kick butt now and take names later” persona.

These super heroes were, compassionate, empathetic and genuinely cared about their fellow man. Then again, wasn’t a super hero just a mirror image of the good found in all men?

Over time, maybe due to our own insecurities and perceived fears, our super hero’s began to let’s say, bulk up. There biceps began to grow, and they started to show less empathy and compassion. Yikes! Our super heroes had discovered steroids.

Looking back at the G.I. Joe I played with as a young boy and the G.I. Joe of today, the only similarities I can see, if any is in the name. I was reading the other day that if Joe was to human scale his biceps alone had grown from a circumference of 11.5 inches to over 30 inches, in less than 40 years.

What kind of message is that conveying to a 10 year boy old playing with the new Joe? You better get big and mean if you want to hang with me, boy!

How about Hollywood’s perception of masculinity. Back in the day the good guy was an average size Joe, his weapon of choice was a measly 38. As our insecurities and fears grew, so did the size of the good guy’s weapon of choice.  In the 70’s Dirty Harry carried a 45 magnum, In the 80’s it was Rambo with a big ‘ol, machine gun, In the 90’s it was James Bond with a rocket launcher, In the Millennium nothing is sacred.

It’s no wonder that violence among our youth is on the rise. We as a society have taken violence and aggression to mainstream society and made it the excepted norm.

Violence and macho are everywhere, it sells, and we buy into it lock stock and barrel. Whether it is in video games, TV, movies, music or sport, it’s found in every medium. Unfortunately you would be hard pressed to find any intrinsic or core values in their message.

Bullying has become the new age threat for our children and youth.  Bullies are seeking out those who don’t conform to these new ideals. Violence and oppression have become the tools of choice for gaining control. It only goes to show, if children and youth are feed a steady diet of violence and bad morals it will eventually manifest itself into their daily lives. To them, it’s how we communicate and relate to each other in the real world.

Being a man isn’t about big biceps, big guns or how menacing you can look or how stoic you are. Our super heroes from the 40’s had it bang on the first time.

It’s about mirroring the good and right found in everyone and everything.

Maybe it’s high time we brought back those values.

It’s time to man up!

By: Master Tim Bell


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