Back From the Future

I wonder what the future will hold for us, 20 years from now. Most would agree that today we are living in a time and in a world that is teetering on a crisis of epic proportions.

Our biosphere and its renewable and non-renewable resources are in serious jeopardy. Presently we are just entering the age of World Peak Oil, where world demand is beginning to outweigh its dwindling supply. There hasn’t been a major new oil discovery in some years now, or probably will be in the future. So in order to make do, we’ve resorted to relying on dirty tar sands oil, as we frantically search for another big oil find, by drilling further into the ocean deeps.

Other than Peak Oil here are some the other major issues facing us:

  1. The further depletion of the protective ozone layer, that is causing high levels of UV radiation.
  2. Increasing levels of Carbon Dioxide, from burning carbon based fuels (coal & oil), and the degradation of our forests and wetlands. These are the 2 major causes of runaway Global Warming.
  3. Acid rain that is turning our lakes and oceans into acidic, lifeless grave yards.
  4. Our linear economy that is based on the concept of insatiable consumption and endless growth that in turn is creating resource degradation and tons of toxic waste.
  5. Extremely high obesity and cancer rates.

These are some of the major issues that are facing humanity today, which will surely lead to a much harsher and crueler world down the road, if they are left unchecked and unabated.

Here’s a synopsis of what life could be like in 20 years’ time. It’s not my intention to scare anyone, or be a purveyor of doom and gloom, it’s quite the opposite. I feel that in order to change for the better, you need to face the reality of the situation, with honesty, courage and acceptance. For mankind it’s time to face that reality.

Fast forward 20 years…

Halifax, Nova Scotia, Saturday July 27th, 2030,

It’s been a little over 2 months since it last rained, the temperature outside has been hovering between 40 – 45 degrees Celsius when you factor in the brutal humidity it seems more like 50+. The long range forecast is predicting more of the same for the next 3 weeks or even longer.  The Municipalities water supply is dangerously low and crops are dying in their fields.

Going outside in the day light is starting to become an issue, any exposed skin, regardless of using sunscreen, blisters and burns in less than an hour. Most people heed the warning to stay inside, those who don’t, are paying the piper.

Due to the riseing water levels of the Halifax Harbour, the city has decided to close Lower Water Street in order to extend the new waterfront levy. The work will be facilitated in the night in order for the workers to avoid the scorching heat and the dangerously high UV levels.

The price of gasoline has been hovering, around the $7.00 a liter mark for regular unleaded, that’s if you can find a gas station that hasn’t run out or is rationing their supplies. Gasoline has become the number 1 target of Halifax thieves, it’s now more lucrative than drugs. Many Haligonians are parking their cars and choosing to walk or bicycle, to get around locally.

Many of the big box stores outside the city have closed, due to the lack of cheap, once plentiful product from China, and their poor accessibility other than by car. Many locals resort to supporting the small shops and stores in their communities; frugality and recycling have become the norm.

The big grocers are having trouble keeping their shelves stocked with perishables; this is mostly due to the high costs associated with shipping and production, and the inconsistent availability.  Most consumers resort to local Farmers Markets, or growing their own food. 60% of Haligonians now have Chicken coops and vegetable gardens on their properties.

Unemployment is hovering at around the 50% mark, due to the stagnant economy. People rely on bartering for goods and services in order to survive. Repair and used shops have sprung up on every street corner.

In the news – At least 10 major hurricanes are expected to hit Nova Scotia this year, that’s 2 more than last.  Atmospheric C02 levels have broken the 600 ppm mark much earlier than expected and could reach 650 by Christmas.  Good news – Obesity and cancer levels are starting to drop off, thanks to more citizens walking and bicycling, and the lack of available junk food.

This could very well be our future, if we continue to pursue our present, destructive path, it could be much worse, or it could be slightly better, it’s hard to say, but either way, we can certainly take the necessary steps NOW to come up with the solutions and the means to change the outcome for the better, regardless of the projected forecast. That’s only if we collectively act NOW.

The question is – Are we willing to accept this new reality and endure the short term pain of change, in order to avoid the long term pain of a future with much less?

For our sake, It better be a resounding – YES!

By: Master Tim Bell


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