Zen and the Art of Easy Weight Loss

Lose Weight Fast!… Results Guaranteed!…This is NOT an exercise program!

Weight loss centers seem to be sprouting up everywhere lately, with their celebrity endorsed claims of easy, fast and effective systems that guarantee results or else, it’s a tempting proposition indeed, especially for a status quo that is looking for fast and easy.

Are these claims too good to be true? …Or is the weight loss industry is hiding something from us? Here’s what they won’t tell you.

Industry secret number 1: All weight loss center diet plans or pills make you Fatter than before!

That’s right you heard it… With all weight loss diets — you always gain back the pounds you lose — and usually a few extra pounds as an added FREE bonus. What’s the point in losing 20 pounds to gain back 30?

Why go through the pain of dieting, the starvation, the cravings, and the ultimate struggle with willpower, only to gain it all back? When you consider the permanent damage this does to your health, both mentally and physically.

Industry secret number 2: Every single weight loss diet, “slows down your metabolism”, NO Exceptions! What this means is that your body goes into survival mode, it thinks that you’re starving it so it conserves the fat and cannibalizes the lean muscle instead. You NEED lean muscle to burn fat.

However most people never look at these negative realities, because they are so emotionally tied up with their own weight problem, they never explore it from the other side, so they end up finding out the hard way.

Industry secret number 3: The weight loss industry wants you to “Fail” … Otherwise they would run out of new suckers to fleece. Think about it. If everybody lost the weight for good, the weight loss Industry would die overnight.

Just in North America alone, the weight loss industry is worth over $44 Billion per year, and here’s the kicker, their failure rate is over 98%…

What other industry today would survive and continue to thrive with such an abysmal success rate, and its notorious false claims?

So what is the secret to permanent, healthy weight loss? Well you can’t find it in a bottle or in a low calorie meal plan…It’s a combination of a few things, when implemented together they create healthy results that last.

Here’s the real skinny…

Weight loss secret number 1: You have to increase your metabolism. The most effective way to do this is through exercise, and I don’t mean the Jane Fonda workout or breaking out the Thigh Master, but something that really improves aerobic endurance and builds strong lean muscle. The leaner the muscle the higher your metabolism thus the higher number of calories burned.

Looking at what’s available today, Kettlebell training is by far the ideal tool for both. Research has shown that in an 20 minute workout subjects burned on average 272 calories. That’s a Whooping 6.6 calories per minute, which is the equivalent to running a 6 minute mile pace.

Weight loss secret number 2: Strike a fine balance between caloric intake and proper food choices. It’s pretty simple, don’t consume more calories than you burn, and don’t ingest too many empty calories such as refined white sugar and/or white flour. Eat more protien, such as egg whites, and lean meats, also stick to low glycemic index carbohydrates such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains (breads and pastas) and beans.

That’s the skinny, a little bit of work, some common sense, and the desire to make a healthy and lasting change.

The weight loss industry has 44 Billion reasons why they need to convince you otherwise.

You know the old saying “If it’s too good to be true, well, it most likely is.”

By: Master Tim Bell


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