I Need More Stuff!

In Canada today, we live in an amazing time, we are surrounded by opulence and wonder, as long as we have the money to spend, we can do and buy pretty well anything we want.  We are living a lifestyle that was all but a fantasy just a couple of generations ago.

The average Canadian family has so many time and energy saving devices, including a wide variety of clothing and food stuffs, to produce the same type of lifestyle back in Roman times would take an army of around 6000 slaves.  We still use others, but they are the slaves and oppressed peoples in foreign lands that we don’t see.

So what are the consequences of living the good life?

We gouge the earth for resources to make the machines and other stuff, and burn the cheap non-renewable carbon energy to feed the machines that are polluting and warming planet.

We talk about carbon footprints, but our personal footprints are much, much larger. The trouble is that very few of us know what our personal footprints are and the consequences of our actions.

Everything happens so far away, the people and pollution that sustains us are invisible to us. The computer I’m using. The TV I’m watching my beloved Packers on and the clothes I’m wearing all came from other parts of the world, also I wonder, where does all this stuff go when I’m finished with it?

We are constantly being wooed by the status quo to “Buy More NOW!”, “Upgrade NOW!”,  “You need this NOW!” that we’ve become a society obsessed with stuff.

I admit it your honor, I’m guilty as charged, I’m a stuffaholic. Looking around I can’t help but notice just how much stuff I’ve accumulated over the years, clothes that I’ve never worn or will wear, DVD’s that I’ve watched once,  an X-Box that is covered in dust bunnies, and not to mention old electronics just hanging around, that are broken or obsolete.

You know you have too much stuff, when you walk into your local Future Shop and walk out because there’s nothing that you don’t have or really need.

Knowing that most of our stuff comes from have not countries, and made by others who live with far less than what we do, is buying more really helping these regions out of despair or are we creating more despair and pain?

I think the latter.

It takes an incredible amount of energy and resources to keep us wallowing in stuff, it’s been estimated that it would take 5 identical planets to sustain our standard of living for all of earths citizens.

Do we really need all this stuff? I know it’s good for the economy, it creates wealth and jobs, but seriously, how long can this gravy train last? It’s a system that is 100% dependent on cheap fuel and cheap labour.

We live on a finite planet of limited resources and limited time.

I think it’s time for an intervention.

By: Master Tim Bell


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