How the Bell Curves

Sorry! I’m not talking about Pink Floyds classic album the “Division Bell” I wish I were. This is about a much different kind of bell, actually, it’s not a bell in that sense of the word, it’s a phenomenon called the “Bell Curve.” Being a Martial Artist I’m very familiar with the concept of opposites, yin & yang, good & bad, etc, the Bell Curve takes those opposites and shows the natural transition from one to the other, how good goes to bad, etc.

Everything we know goes through its own Bell Curve, we live, we die, we consume, we waste, well you get the picture.

Nothing is infinite, contrary to some archaic beliefs. Most of us were born into a world where we were on the upward slope of a Bell Curve, the world was growing at a rapid pace, recourses were a plenty with opportunities abound, we were geared for growth, nothing in life seemed impossible, at least that’s what were lead to believe.

Our whole way of life was structured around unlimited growth and prosperity, we elected governments who promised the same and we kept those around who delivered the goods.

But something unexpected happened, while we were so busy getting ahead, we started to run out of recourses and our biosphere started to get sick, really sick and so were we. What worked so well at one part of the Bell Curve was now creating an opposite reaction as we closed in on the top.

As Gandhi once put it “There is enough for everyone’s needs, but not for everyone’s greed.”

We began to lose the balance with ourselves and with our planet, we started consuming our renewable resources quicker than they could regenerate and squandering our non renewable ones in the process. For the first time in human history our planets recourses seemed finite.

Our whole way of life, government, the value of money, is structured around one three letter word O-I-L, it is the edifice in everything around us, from what we eat to what we do, oil is king or queen, depending on your preference. Everything about us is dependent on a cheap abundant supply of fossil fuels. Nothing, I mean nothing will replace oil, ever. That’s a fact Jack!

We are at the precibus in our history where we need to find that balance with ourselves and our planet, we can no longer assume (aas-u-me) that there will be a viable alternative to fossil fuels, let’s face it if there was even a hint, a smidgen, an inkling, don’t you think it would be flogged to death by now.

What we need is a complete paradigm shift, in our thinking and in our way of life, we can no longer continue to try and sustain a fossil fueled, linear consumeristic society based on unlimited growth, prosperity and waste, It’s a lose – lose situation. Unfortunately those in power aren’t willing or want to see the forest through the trees when it comes to the truth, that’s just bad politics and political genocide.

I like everyone else don’t want to give up the good life, cheap energy has been very, very good to me, but the reality is that the party will likely end sooner than later. For me, I’m biting at the bit for a politician to come out of the closet and declare, “Let’s clean up the environment and find real solutions to offset the end of oil.” I guess I better not hold my breath waiting for that one, eh.

For the last 100 years it’s been a great ride to the top. Sitting on the peak of the Bell Curve we have a pretty good view of where we’ve come from and a good idea of where were going, like it or not.

Unfortunately the trip down the other side won’t be as rewarding, in fact it’s going to get a little bumpy and uncomfortable, some equate it to the 5 stages we go through when we grieve the loss of a loved one.

First were going to go into Denial & Isolation (I don’t believe it), second comes Anger (I can’t believe it happened), third we start to Bargain (What can we do to bring it back), fourth we go into a state of Depression (There’s no hope), and finally there’s Acceptance (Let’s put our heads together and find a solution to get out of this mess).

I think collectively as a planet we are at the end of the “Denial & Isolation” stage and heading into “Anger.” The end of oil is inevitable, there is nothing we can do or say that will change that fact, no matter how many billions of dollars we try to chuck at it, “It just aint going to happen.”.

The only thing we can hope for when the collapse does come, and it will,  is that it is quick, that way at least most of our infrastructure will remain intact.

Getting to the acceptance stage won’t be pleasant, but then again, what choice do we really have?

Buckle up! There could be some unexpected turbulence on the decent down.

By: Master Tim Bell


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