From the Inside Out

What determines how we see things? How much is enough or too much? Is there a real factor that determines these things? Is it taught, in our DNA and can it really be identified or changed? This is all truly a perspective. How we view the glass determines the way we act as well as what emotions we experience and how we express them.

What is it that causes us to change our perspective, our belief system, how we view ourselves and our planet? Is it the external things that we are bombarded with on a daily basis? Advertisers like to think so, why else would they spend so much time and effort telling us how much our lives suck, and how much we need this or that product to make our lives better.

To the status quo, consumption and the attainment of stuff is the key to our happiness, but with 2 times more stuff than we had 30 years ago, are we really twice as happy? According to statistics, NOT!

For most of us today, the glass is half empty. So how do we move from half empty (pessimistic) to half full (optimistic)?

Well it definitely won’t happen from buying more stuff, or updating to the newest gadget.  Real change happens from the inside out.

The beginning of a New Year is a traditional time for change and improvement. Most of us attempt to make some sort of change for the better. Quitting smoking, losing weight, saving the planet are all common examples.

Unfortunately, many people fail in their attempt at change. They don’t realize that before any tangible and visible change can happen, less visible and harder to articulate changes must first take place. Their mindset needs to shift.

There is growing awareness of the damage we are doing to the planet and the natural resources on which we depend, yet we still carry on along the same track regardless, refusing to make much-needed changes to our behavior.

The Earth’s natural systems provide many essential goods and services that ensure our survival and enhance our lifestyles and well-being – such as food, medicines, building materials, climate regulation, flood defense and leisure opportunities.

The ecosystems that provide these services are rapidly decaying to the point of collapse. Human-induced climate change, infrastructure development, the loss of forests and agricultural production are primary drivers of these losses.

The prevailing economic model that exacerbates these problems, rather than counteracts them, is fundamentally flawed.

At the same time, changing patterns of behavior and consumption need to happen at an individual, local level.

Knowing this, why is it so difficult for us to change our ways, the problem is many of us either don’t believe it’s become such a dyer issue or our glasses are still half empty, we don’t believe that changing will really matter.

Whether we want to lose weight, get fit or do something about global warming we won’t happen until we change from the inside out. It’s only then that the glass becomes half full.

So the next time the status quo tells you that your life sucks, buy this, ask yourself…will this really make my life better?

If you said yes, it’s time you had a hard look at your own glass.

Be the change you want to see – Ghandhi

By Master Tim Bell



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