From 0 to 10…

When you hear the phrase “From 0 to 10” do you imagine a fleet of foot runner, the length of distance between point “A” and point “B” or the space shuttle countdown to blast off? Well you’re right, all 3 are correct.

But have you ever thought about the numbers from 0 to 10 as a metaphor for Effort, Excellence, and Indomitable Spirit, with 0 being lack of and 10 with excess.

What is it that separates those who live their lives at a 0, to those that live at a 10, and why do so many of us live in the status quo middle?

Being a Martial Arts instructor, I’ve had students come into my Dojang that represented both ends of the preverbal scale and everything in between. One burning question that I always had was how do I light that fire to get everyone to a 10?

As individuals we are all different and unique, not only aesthetically, but in our composition and inherited DNA. Could this be that we were pigeon holed before birth to either be a 0 or a 10, or is it through life’s circumstances, experiences and karma that will determine our ultimate number in life.

We’ve all heard the feel good stories of celebrities and athletes who came from a life of pain and adversity to rise above the rest.

What is it that drove them to excellence and beyond in their lives?

I believe that a lot of these questions that I propose can be better answered when we as individuals, discover what makes us “Go”.

Here’s an interesting tidbit, whenever I speak to my students, regardless of their age or belt rank, and I touch their “hot button” their enthusiasm and energy always goes higher. All they are really missing is their own strategic plan that would allow them to maintain that level 10 on a consistent basis.

The secret to living at a level 10 is to find out what you think about or do, that will consistently press that “hot button” to elevate your energy and enthusiasm. When you find it, you are now closer to what could be your purpose in life and how far you can rise.

Everyone has God given gifts and talents, no matter what our station in life. These will always be with us. What I do as a Martial Arts instructor is try to find a way for someone to go to that next level with that gift or better yet rediscover and share with others whom are younger or could benefit from their knowledge.

When you finally discover what makes you sing, it becomes much easier to write your song.

Are you living life at a 10?

By: Master Tim Bell


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