Life is NOT a Spectator Sport!

Contrary to popular belief “Life is NOT a Spectator Sport” but looking from the outside in you would probably beg to differ. We live in a society that prides itself on doing less with more, instead of more with less.

To be blunt, the majority of us will make any excuse to avoid moving our bodies in a fashion beneficial to our health or interacting with others around us.

We we’re not designed to remain at rest. Inactivity is completely unnatural to the body. And what follows is an eventual breakdown of the body’s equilibrium.

When the beneficial effects of activity on the heart and circulation and indeed on all the body’s systems are absent, everything measurable begins to go awry.

Up goes everything you would like to go down and down everything you would like to go up.

Up goes the girth of the waist and the body weight. Up goes blood pressure and heart rate. Up goes cholesterol and triglycerides.

Down goes vital capacity and oxygen consumption. Down go flexibility, efficiency, stamina and strength.

Fitness and health fast become but a distant memory.

When putting our butts on a couch, eating chips while watching “The Biggest Loser” on the boob tube becomes our perception of exercise and interaction… Houston, I think we definitely have a problem!

Being human we are genetically wired for community, when we are part of a community, we are happier, healthier and live longer, when we lack social contact and interaction our lives become  much less fulfilling and rewarding.

How did we as a society get to this point?

There could be many reasons for this, personally I think technology has become our portal to the outside world and replaced the human connection with nature, ourselves and each other that we so crave and replaced it instead with Facebook.

We as a society have become addicted to technology, and now we rely on it more than ever. Before this decade it would have been absurd to see a teenager with a cell phone, and now elementary schools have to ban them. We have become so adapted to this technology that losing your cell phone or not having internet service for more than a couple of days becomes a crises.

Now I’m not saying that technology is a bad thing, I do love my new iPhone 4, but when technology trumps one on one contact with others and turns into a huge time suck, it’s then that it becomes a serious detriment to our personal well-being…aka, not enough damn exercise and one on one interaction.

Technology has given us a surplus of individualism and health problems and a deficit of companionship and good health, so the deficit becomes a much more valuable commodity.

When our lives become a spectator sport, well, I think that’s a humongous cue to hoist that S.O.S. flag.

Now where did I put those chips?

By: Master Tim Bell


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