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10 Ways You Can Stop Climate Change

Ninety Seven Percent

It’s a number that represents a clear majority, 97% of anything, be it in purity, mass or probability is pretty well a sure thing, kind of like money in the bank.

If you had a 97% chance of winning the lottery, wouldn’t you buy a ticket or two?

When it comes to the environment, 97% of the world’s scientists believe without a shadow of a doubt, that global warming is a reality, that is primarily caused by the burning of carbon based fuels. Now for 97% of the scientific community to come to a common consensus on anything of significance, is a miracle.

Shouldn’t this be enough proof in itself that global warming is beyond just a crazy theory, probability or a huge conspiracy, as some of the skeptics, naysayers and big corporations would like us to believe?

If it is an elaborate conspiracy, what do these scientists have to gain? Is it fame, money or prestige? Or do they do it to because they seek the answers? My bet is on the latter.

The problem we face today is denial, as long as we have our credit cards, SUV’s and big box stores full of cheap stuff, it’s easy to ignore the causes of our actions.

Most of the damage to the environment that we see today was caused in the 50’s, when our parents and grandparents drove around in their big tailed Chevy’s and powered their labour- saving household appliances from inefficient coal burning power stations.

Back in the day no one realized the impacts that their tail pipe emissions, and plugging in their appliances would have on their children and grandchildren.

But that was then and this is now.

Unfortunately, regardless of what we now know and knowing the true cost to ourselves and the environment, because of denial, we still drive SUV’s, and turn on our air conditioners, refrigerators and clothes dryers, completely oblivious of the true costs.

Scientists say that if we don’t cut our C02 emissions by 70% today, by the year 2050 we can expect to be living on a planet that will be but a shadow of its former self.

The Earth’s temperature is expected to increase by at least 6 – 8 degrees, 2/3 of the known species alive today will be extinct, sea levels could rise by at least 20 feet or more due to the melting of the poles, most scientists lean more towards more,.

Life as we know it today will be but a distant memory.

Unfortunately for us it’s too late to stop the changes that are taking place, we had a better chance back in 2004. That wheel is already in motion, but if we change now, we can try to avert complete disaster.

Changing our ways won’t be easy, but it’s certainly a better alternative than what could be in store for us if we resist.

The Earth will survive, but will we?

By: Master Tim Bell