What Means The Most To YOU?

Let me ask you a question.

What do you value most in life?

What matters most to you?






Being right?




Winning Championships?

Earning a Black Belt or Higher Dan?

Well, imagine if you where on a commercial jetliner flying through the air and all of the sudden the engines blow up, smoke fills the cabin and the captain gets on the intercom and says these three words: BRACE FOR IMPACT.

All the while you look at the window and see the earth getting closer and closer to you at an alarming rate.

How would you feel in that moment?

What would matter most to you?

And what would have the greatest value to you?

Well, one guy actually lived through that very disaster. And in the video below he gives his perspective. Watch the AWESOME five minute video below. I gotta warn you, it’s definitely going to pull on your heart strings.

Master Bell


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