Why You Should Use Kettlebell’s

I’ve been training with Kettlebell’s for almost 5 years “Agatsu Kettlebell Certified” for a little over 3 of them. I live, breathe, talk about and workout with them sometimes 7 days a week. So it’s not surprising when people ask me, “Why Kettlebells?” I’m obviously a huge fan. There are many reasons for this but none of them are probably what you think and none of them are dogmatic.

First of all, Kettlebells are simple. They are canonballs with a handle. No one is worried about breaking them and they come in a relatively small array of sizes so there’s less wrangling of equipment and accessories. A group can grab a dozen or so in one trip. Clean up is quick and no one asks, “How does this thing work?” It’s heavy; you pick it up; you swing, push, press and snatch it, sometimes you carry it around. Done.

Secondly, Kettlebells are weird. The sizes are weird so it’s less likely someone’s ego is wrapped up in showing off with a 24kg bell instead of a 12kg bell. You just grab one that looks right and train with it. There’s nothing intimidating about them, but they are heavy enough to inspire a sense of conscientious safety. They are also just weird enough that even seasoned, experienced Kettlebeller’s give them respect when experimenting with them.

They are convenient. They require no maintenance and will last practically forever. If I want to go to the park or a beach, I can just grab a bell. If they get sand or seagull poop on them, I just wipe them off. You can scatter them around your life to insure that you are never far away from the ability to train. You just can’t beat that kind of convenience.

They are just better for most kinds of exercises. You can’t really swing a dumbbell or a barbell, and stationary machines have limited functionality and purpose. The asymmetry of a Kettlebell makes pressing, get ups, and jerks more intuitive. The unstable load makes bottoms-up pressing, get ups, squats, and carries a lot more informative. The handle helps you learn to use your grip to generate tension in goblet squats and pressing. And the handle just screams, “Pick me up and press, swing, snatch and carry me!”

The best reason of all. You work every major muscle group in one workout, while increasing flexibility, strength and improving all around functional mobility. For the Taekwondo athlete, kicking speed, power and strength increases exponentially, for the average person, joint and back issues become a thing of the past, while better health, muscle tone, fitness and higher self esteem and confidence become the things of the present.

The way I figure it we have two choices in life, we can either make time for fitness, or we better start making time for sickness and a world of pain.

Why Kettlebell’s? Because, there just what the doctor ordered.

By: Master Bell

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  1. Hear! Hear! Simple and true!

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