Got Goals?

These are the IKSFA rankings charts for men’s Long Cycle and snatch.

These charts are the reason that I am in the best shape of my life right now. Referencing these rankings charts, I currently hold a 1st ranking in the 90kg weight class for completing 87 repetitions of long cycle (swing, clean, jerk) with double 16 kg Kettlebell’s and 188 repetitions in the snatch (with my right arm only) with a 16kg Kettlebell at the recent IKSFA Canadian Championships that were held in Toronto, Ontario on April 28, 2012.

Today I am currently training for the next competition where I intend to achieve a CMS (Candidate Master of Sport) ranking in the 90 kg /  24kg Kettlebell Jerk and Snatch.

This means I will have to complete a minimum of 127 repetitions of the jerk and 168 repetitions in the snatch within the ten minute competition time limit.

To put things in perspective, to do this I will need to maintain an approximate 12 rep pace per minute throughout the jerk and an 17 rep per minute pace throughout the ten minute snatch set.

Is this doable? Without goals, vision and a plan…Definitely NOT.

This past weekend during my training sessions I was able to complete the snatch at 20 reps per minute and the jerk at 15 reps per minute with 20 kg’s , so if I keep up my training, and progress as to plan, I’m pretty sure that I’m on the right track to achieve my goal ranking at the next Nationals.

Students often ask me: “Where do you find your motivation?” My response: “Setting goals like this.”

Because of my background in Taekwondo and fitness it is extremely hard for me to motivate myself WITHOUT goals, whether it’s preparing for my 6th dan, breaking 10 boards with a back kick or doing an inverted push up, I approach each with the same level of determination and planning, otherwise they quickly become just another fantasy instead of a life changing reality.

I am learning that, athlete or novice, all of my students achieve markedly superior results with functional goals (based on performance and not aesthetics) than without.

Whether you want to earn a Yellow Stripe, Black Belt, lose some weight, or become a National or World Champion, nothing, I mean nothing happens without determination and planning.

So set those goals and get to it!

By: Master Bell


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