A Taekwondo Kids Wish List For Their Parents

“Be there whenever you can to watch me. It means so much to me and I will try extra hard when you’re watching”.

“Be there to support me, especially on graduation day.”

“Observe me quietly during my Taekwondo class with a smile on your face and always give me positive feedback when we get home, this shows me that you care.”

“It makes me happy that you volunteer when Master Bell or the other Instructors ask for parent helpers, I love seeing you take part in my class”.

“Help me with my belt if it falls off, sometimes Master Bell or the other instructors are very busy and don’t have the time”.

“It hurts me when you have your face buried in your cell phone and have not watched any of my kicks”.

“Ask me what lessons I learned in Taekwondo today. It shows you care”.

“Practice with me at home or at least watch me practice”.

“Please sew up my dobok pants so I don’t trip and fall down in front of the whole class”.

“Do tell me you are proud of my efforts in Taekwondo. I live for it”.

“Let me be a kid and have a bit of fun. I only get to do it once”.

By: Master Bell

6th Dan