It’s Much More Than Just A Game!

Sparring is Fun & Rewarding.

If your children are going to play a sport why not put them in one where they learn how to protect themselves at the same time. Olympic Sparring is fun. Players use sparring combinations to try and hit each other to specified scoring areas. Depending on their level and age there are rules and protocol to keep it safe, fun and rewarding. Respect for themselves and for their teammates maintains a cool training atmosphere. Students practice coming as close to a real fight or confrontation as possible without intentionally hurting each other.


Overcoming Fears and Daring Greatly.

Sparring helps kids overcome fears of confrontations by learning how to deal with them through sparring in a fun way, they learn to think fast, assess mistakes, improve strategies and counter decisions all in the moment. It builds their self-defense and fighting reflexes to help them excel in any sport and teaches them how to protect themselves at the same time, giving them an Unfair Advantage.


Learning Strategy.

It’s not about hurting each other but by outsmarting and out thinking their opponent and accumulating points in the game. It’s like tag, you have to hit your opponent without getting hit or tagged. It’s a fun and safe way to practice fighting with respect for your teammates. 


Defending Themselves.

At some point in life they may have to physically defend themselves. Statistics show that 1 in 3 people will be physically attacked by the age of 18.

Sparring is much more than a game, it gives kids the confidence, skills to Win in the Ring and in Life.

Master Tim Bell

6th Dan