10 Reasons Why Every Kettlebell Sport Athlete Should Meditate


What is Meditation?.. Meditation is relaxation. It is not about concentration, it’s actually about de-concentration. It’s not about focusing one’s thoughts on one thing, but instead on becoming thoughtless.

There are many myths and misconceptions about meditation, some think of it as a  hippy-dippy practice aimed at transcendence or they envision a Buddhist monk spending a lifetime on a mountain top, cross legged,  burning incense, searching for enlightenment, but in actuality, to experience the benefits of meditation it takes only a few minutes of practice a day, once embedded into your daily routine, meditation will help put your day in perspective and instill passion and intensity into your sets.

With all the compelling scientific and sport performance evidence coming out in the past few years, meditation is becoming something that can’t be overlooked.

As any Kettlebell Sport Athlete knows, their biggest opponent has always been that little, annoying “You Can’t Do THAT!” voice inside. Meditation can give you the ways and the means to crush that voice.

Meditation research on athletic performance is still very much in its infancy. However, meditation has been shown to be a huge benefit in other areas related to athletic and peak performance.

Here are a few reasons why every Girvek & Girveka should consider meditation as part of their programming, practice and ultimate game plan.

  1. It helps you focus.

When it comes to go time your focus will determine how you perform and on how well you perform, so why not train and condition your mind to focus better? Meditation training has been proven to increase focus and improve performance, so this one’s a no brainer.

  1. It helps you cope with pain.

Pain is part of the game, whether it’s mental or physical. There’s an old cliché around athletes that no matter what, they’re always dealing with some sort of pain. Meditation has been proven to help cope, prioritize, overcome and deal with it.

  1. It helps you deal with fear.

Fears can hijack our minds from the present moment; this can lead to so many negative emotions and feelings that will self sabotage a set. Meditation can help calm the fear center of the brain known as the amygdala even when you’re not meditating.

  1. It strengthens your immune system.

You cannot afford to be sick; if you’re sick you can’t lift. Meditation has been shown to improve and strengthen the immune system.

  1. It reduces our mind from ruminating.

Ever have a bad training set, miss your goal or worse yet, end your set on competition day just 5 reps away from MS? Sometimes it becomes hard to bounce back, we run obsessive thoughts through our minds. Meditation has been shown to reduce rumination; meditation will essentially help you reset the mind to focus on the present.

  1. It makes you resilient.

The best Kettlebell Athletes in the world are the most resilient; meditation has been shown to help in this area. To become a Master of Sport or a World Champion resiliency is a prerequisite, you will ultimately fail at many times before you succeed, it’s the price you pay. Meditation helps you detach yourself from the negative thoughts that keep you from pushing forward and achieving your goals.

  1. It reduces stress.

All Kettlebell Athletes leading up to a competition are under some level of stress, depending on the level, if left unchecked it may sabotage and kill your goal. Why not embrace a practice that has been proven to reduce stress? Incorporating a little bit of meditation before your set will go a long way.

  1. It helps to stabilize emotions.

One study showed that people with more mindful traits are better able to stabilize their emotions and have better control over their moods. The nature of competing and competition causes athletes to have to deal with a roller coaster of different emotions and feelings. Why not embrace meditation and use mindfulness throughout the process?

  1. It helps with sleep.

One night of lost sleep could be detrimental before a big comp, quality sleep is one of the most valuable things every athlete should strive for. Meditation has been shown to improve the quality and quantity of sleep.

  1. It helps us to see our blind spots.

As Kettlebell Athletes we spend a lot of time lifting alone to perfect our craft, the drawback is that without a coach close by to analyze and critique us in the areas that we can’t see (blind spots), we become unmindful and essentially blindfolded to any deficiencies and shortcomings that may need tweaking.

Meditation certainly doesn’t replace the sharp eye of a good coach, but what it will do is make you more mindful, aware and in tune with how your body feels and reacts throughout the process of the lift.

Chances are, if it feels good, it must be good.

In Conclusion:

Meditation could give you that unfair advantage that you needed to crush that set or win that competition that you’ve worked so dang hard for.

For some valuable free resources and to find out more about the ah-mazing benefits of meditation for both health and sport, just click –  HERE

If you want a piece of the action, first find peace in the action…

Then Crush It!

By: Coach Tim




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