POWerful Words

Bell’s Taekwondo is proud to also be a POWerful Words Character Education Center, under the direction and guidance of Dr. Robyn Silverman…We Teach our students POWerful Character.
This is why we use the POWerful Words Character System in our School…
Our Students POWerful Character Word of the Month…
March is SELF-RELIANCE Month… Click HERE
The POWerful Word for March 2018 – SELF-RELIANCE – Click HERE
Ask Dr. Robyn, SELF-RELIANCE POWerful Words March 2018 – Click HERE

One Response

  1. I love your blog and that you support anti bully and providing kids with the confidence and strength to stand up for themselves. My Club Camran Taekwondo also promote anti bully and teaching kids self defence .

    You can check out my blog and my clubs pages and leave me a comment on what you think.




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